Internet of things

We link the unlinked with open-standard and integrated architecture from cloud to end devices with exceptional reliability and security

Internet of Things (IoT), offers the ultimate opportunity to hyper-connect processes, devices, system and people.

Every business strives for creating the path for its products & services to reach the marketplace speedily and efficiently. Every business strives for adapting regulatory requirements, expanding its efficiency and for persisting to the process of innovation. To achieve all these and much more businesses demand a highly mobile workforce, evolving customers range & a continuously improving supply chain demand – Internet of Things is undoubtedly the best way to achieve these for businesses.

At SBR Technologies we link the unlinked with open-standard and integrated architecture. We are renowned for providing industry-specific solutions that can improve productivity and operational efficiency while laying the foundations for tomorrow’s opportunities. Armed with the portfolio of large numbers of embedded projects, backed with our industry knowledge and expertise in handling multiple projects – we stand as the preferred and efficient Internet of Things service provider.

The SBR Advantage

  • High performance and future proof solution
  • Flexible architecture 2
  • We support various patterns of connectivity
  • Focus on digital technologies

Our IoT Service offerings include -

IoT Consulting: We have a comprehensive IoT framework to cover all areas from understanding the business needs to IoT development and execution.

IoT Implementation: our IoT implementation service includes integration and implementation of system and product integration.

IoT Management: Our IoT management services include end to end security, Big data services, device management, Cloud enablement, APIfication and more

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