4 Big Cloud Computing Mistakes To Avoid

Moving to the cloud is something which should not be taken lightly. Yes, it's serious business. As the leading cloud computing service provider, we have been helping brands and organizations in leveraging the maximum benefit of the cloud. In this context it is pertinent to mention here, we have been witnessing a few common mistakes, which businesses are making. We aim to make this blog post a simple guide on the common cloud computing mistakes that you should avoid. The good news is, more and more companies are moving to the cloud owing to its agility, cost effectiveness and convenience.You don’t have to take out these words for granted. Let’s take a look at the recent report released by the ‘Harvard Business Review and Verizon’ - 84% of the IT executives said their clo

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6 Rules for Selecting Your Next Strategic Technology Partner

Without much ado, let us come to the point, straight – the biggest mistake that business owners make is trying to do everything alone. Business owners who fail to appreciate the significance of a strategic partnership also run the risk of jeopardizing their business. Moreover, in today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive marketplace, the term strategic partnerships have gained a whole new facet altogether implying greater strategic importance. As the next obvious step both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are in race two, expand distribution and also to capture the innovative sources of monetization. We are one of the leading and the most sought after strategic technology partner and business consulting company for our esteemed clients. Based on our indu

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Have You Noticed the Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development?

We are here to talk about the latest trends in mobile application development. We have been keeping a keen eye on the trends and here’s a concise collection of the latest emulous trends for mobile application With a plethora of technologies being linked to wearables and handheld devices through applications it is now more than important to know what are the latest updates. As one of the leading web application development company we have been keeping a keen eye on the trends and here’s a concise collection of the latest emulous trends for mobile application First take a closer look at the current Sensation Hybrid app development: This is one of the most rapidly developing techniques in the app development segment which is much liked for its amazing features. Not only it helps i

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A Look Back At Some Of Our Achievements Over The Last Couple Of Years!

We have many exciting new projects in the pipeline, but before we tell you about those we thought to take a moment to reflect and look back at some of our achievements over the last couple of year It seems like a long time since our New Year celebration and we seem to be hurtling towards the end of August with renewed vigor towards our festive break. We have many exciting new projects in the pipeline, but before we tell you about those we thought to take a moment to reflect and look back at some of our achievements over the last couple of years. Year 2014 The year brought us some cheery message. We got an opportunity to work hand in hand with Google in coming up with an awe-inspiring medical oriented application. We categorically worked on the animation part of the app, which recei

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How Can Business Find Success In This Increasingly Digital World? Rely On A Business Consulting Company

In today’s business landscape businesses are looking for top line revenue growth. Almost as an obvious result business nowadays insist on emerging technologies and innovative digital methods to serve their clients effectively. Software is now becoming the product. With this the next big question looms large – how can business find success in this increasingly digital world? The sheer demand and pace at which technology, especially web and mobile technology is evolving has created the need for innovation. So, how the organizations are overcoming the innovation and challenges they face? As things stand now; organizations can no longer tackle the innovation as well as the execution challenge internally or on their own. Businesses are forced to adopt a ‘Build and Partner’ development

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Mobile App Development Challenges and How to Overcome Them

As a responsible Mobile App Development Company it is our responsibility to help you stay informed about the challenges of app development and how to overcome them Get the facts straight – if in case you are planning for app development then it’s high time that your shift your focus from “what to do” to “What Not to do”. A mobile app developer faces a number of challenges every time he starts work on a new app. In this blog post we aim to reveal the biggest app development challenges and how to overcome them We understand and value the significance of app application in today’s business landscape. We know what it takes to make the app a phenomenal success. As a responsible Mobile App Development Company it is our responsibility to help you stay informed about the chall

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Sihatech – The Health App And Website, Which We Developed, Has Won The First Place As The Best App On Middle East!

Yes, it’s time to Rejoice, Cheer and Applaud!!! We are so thrilled and so excited to share this awesome piece of news with you all! Sihatech – the health app and website, which we developed, has won the first Place as the Best app on Middle East. We take this opportunity to congratulate our esteemed client Ahmed Al Bader and his team for this great achievement This is the second time (under six months) Sihatech has been honored with a prize. In December 2016, Sihatech won the Start Up Battlefield competition at ArabNet Riyadh to qualify for the regional Start Up Championship, which we shared with you all! Sihatech is a single stop for all your medical needs. The engagement portal and the app empower patients to find the best doctor according to their needs. Sih

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We Are Excited and Honored to Announce Our Latest Government Project

We continue strong momentum in 2017 while putting our best foot forward to provide next generation IT service in the West Bengal Government Department. Another milestone touched. Another feather added. Yes, we have secured a prestigious project from the Waqf Board of West Bengal Government. As per the Islam tradition, Waqf property happens to be the property of Almighty Allah. It is therefore obligatory duty to protect and preserve the Waqf property for the welfare of the society. For better administration of the Waqf institutions, the Govt. of India through Parliament enacted Waqf Act in the year 1954 and directed to all the states to implement the Act for administering the wakf institutions, various religious and charitable institutions. This act was implemented by the States and west

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Attention online sellers! Tips to increase your turnover on this Valentine’s Day!

After Christmas and New Year here’s another opportunity to increase your turnover. Our team of ecommerce experts outlines effective strategies for increasing your sales with the love fest Here are some figures - 1 in 3 people in the US and UK buy their gifts online for Valentine’s Day. Well; that breaks down to 59% of men 41% of women buying gifts online. With the Valentine’s Day round the corner that’s quite a healthy slice of the market to grab. It’s time to ‘seduce’ your buyers. But before we provide you with the tips here are a few important things to keep in mind to get Cupid on your side! Take a closer look at the male/female shopping habits before embarking on the journey Mind their preferences Delivery by the 14th is absolutely non-negotiable

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AI Adoption has been driving the business revenue growth – Says Infosys

Infosys, the global leader in consulting and technology has released the research findings on the proliferation of AI in augmenting business impact, maturity and expectations. Artificial Intelligence will be playing a fundamental role in the success of organization’s strategy however stringent ethical standards need to be in place for ensuring success of the new technology – Infosys reported. In fact; the report has revealed a clear link between an organization’s revenue growth and its AI maturity. It has been noticed that organizations that report faster growth in terms of revenue are more likely to be further ahead when it comes to AI maturity. There’s no secret; Artificial Intelligence is perceived as a long term, tested and proven strategic priority for innovation. A

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