Which E commerce Platform Is Best For Your Online Store?

Figuring out an ecommerce platform can be tricky – especially if you aren’t from a technical background. This blog simplifies your research work while helping you in choosing the platform that best suits your needs. Remember; every CMS and every managed platform has its individual pros and cons and as already discussed choosing the right one typically depends on your business size, business goal and requirements The global ecommerce market has been growing at a record pace. Almost as the next obvious result a lot of new trends have surfaced. As things stand now; there are a whole lot of factors that need to be figured out when it comes to the point of starting out a new ecommerce venture. Selection of the ecommerce platform is definitely the most crucial first step to consider. T

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Convergence between Digital and Traditional Marketing is the Latest Buzzword in Marketing World

Digital marketing - a behemoth in today’s marketing world. A trillion-dollar industry. The undisputable king in the marketing world. Above all, the future of marketing. This continuously-growing humongous size industry has successfully surpassed the age-old traditional marketing due to the latter’s inability to evolve. Phdstudies In next two years, digital marketing industry is only going to get bigger and better. Advancement in technology will help in achieving that. Emergence of digital marketing as a service, use of cognitive marketing, rise of digital post-purchase marketing and other innovative developments are some examples of them. There are predictions that by 2017, a chief marketing officer of an organization would spend more money on technology than on chief information

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2016 Timeline: Strategic Tech Trends Unveiled

2015 had undoubtedly been a watershed year in IT but it outwardly gave a glimpse of what's next in the digital transformation landscape for 2016 and beyond. Business icons have vital opportunities to establish succeeding technology through the enterprise to draw change, development and value addition for all the interested parties. Evolving technology with matured approach has compelled us to rethink our work process and how we ever functioned in its absence. Mobile and cloud are two eminent examples that speak for technological advancement which are well accepted ranging from businesses to individual consumers - everybody, anywhere, any time. Modern technologies like smart gadgets, Internet of Things (IoT), software-defined fast paced programs and 3D printing have slowly stepped into

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Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2016

2016 is knocking at the door, which means dynamic clothing, champagne cheer ups, and a never ending list of unfulfilled resolutions. Taking a proactive approach, many digital marketers have started forecasting what's next to watch out for the digital world in the forth-coming year. Let’s take a look at trends that would rule the year 2016 and gain traction on your digital competitors: 1. Investment on Ad to Hold Limelight - With the constant uprising in the digital ad spend, challenges like user engagement and ad fraud are becoming more acute. One of the biggest Digital service giant - Deloitte Digital, expressed serious concerns on whether ads will be seen by individuals or simply mechanic bots, a challenge further synthesized by the snowballing number of intermediaries

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Ideas for Digital Marketing Campaign during Christmas

Online Tips for Marketing On holidays and on special occasions like Mother's Day, Easter, New Year, Christmas and so on, the theme of marketing campaigns are structured unlike any other at any other time of the year. Even for businesses that aren't seasonal, customer involvement would be more if the general perception among customers is one of caring outlook of businesses towards customers. In other words, empathy and treating customers cordially would instill the feeling of camaraderie between customers and businesses when the festivities and rituals are underway. Ideas for implementing a Christmas digital marketing campaign are Ideally, planning digital marketing campaigns in advance is beneficial as businesses get an opportunity to think about innovative ideas, organize marketing docu

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Its Thanksgiving Day – Time to Be Really Thankful

Since 1863 Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States. Earliest Thanksgiving Day celebration recorded in history was in El Paso, Texas in 1598. In 1619 in Virginia too Thanksgiving Day was celebrated. In 1621 at Plymouth, Massachusetts pilgrims held harvest festival and that many believe is the origin of Thanksgiving Day. In 1623 though, Thanksgiving Day was relatively more ceremonious, thanking for rain that put an end to drought. In those days though, unlike in recent times, Thanksgiving was more of a unique church service, instead of a Thanksgiving day meal that is prevalent these days. Its Thanksgiving Day today and traditionally friends and families gather around the dining table for a hearty Thanksgiving Day meal. Folks in the US can’t wait for this day to arrive

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If Big Data Analytics Is Your Mainstay, Why Should You Care About Spark?

Introducing Apache Spark The framework of Apache Spark essentially performs analytics of general data on distributed cluster for computing, Hadoop for example. It enables computations in memory of increased rate of data processing in comparison with map reduce. Apache Spark executes over and above hadoop cluster and the data store of hadoop can be accessed and is able to process data structures in Streaming data and Hive, the source being Twitter, Kafka, Flume, HDFS and so on. The architecture of Spark   The question that is in every techies mind is whether Apache Spark can be considered Hadoop’s true replacement. As a framework for analogous data processing, Hadoop has a long tradition of being used to execute map or bring about a reduction in jobs. Such jobs run for a protr

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Google Simplifies Local Search Results

Google local business search pack seven is down to three now. Recent searches show the new streamlined results with the phone numbers and addresses totally removed. So, if you are looking for a product or service, try going through the listings on the Google maps or even the particular website. In place of the address, store timings are displayed in some search results only if the web page has the necessary markups. Google is offering a warning if the store closes down early. Store reviews are available as usual, but nothing links it to Google+. The entire attention is focused on improving customer convenience rather than helping business owners. The changes made are responsive and can be viewed on desktops and smartphones.

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Is There An Entrepreneur Present In You?

Is entrepreneurship for everyone? Probably not! While some are born talented others feel they have it in them, but several failed attempts prove otherwise. Survey shows that 43% kids and teenagers in the United States wish to become entrepreneurs when they grow up. But in actuality hardly 15% get involved in starting their own business. For the blessed ones recognizing the signs is very important. Read on and see how much entrepreneurial talent you possess. 1. Are you a self-starter? Have you always taken the initiative of starting things? It could be anything, the school club or even a simple get-together. Has planning things in your head and executing them in a unique way seemed easier than following people? According to a recent study, people who considered themselves as self-starte

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Social Media Bombardment

The Catastrophe Whatever be the reason, personal or professional, the fact is that people do spend a lot of time on social media. Social media is an integral part of our lives as it can be accessed at any time through our smart phones. Social media marketing is the new buzz and indeed as a marketing tool needless to mention, it’s quite potent. In recognition of this fact, almost any business; big, medium or small has jumped on the bandwagon in the sense that they cannot even begin to think about formulating an effective marketing strategy without credence of social media. A vital facet of social media is to be able to connect and engage with the people who are actually making an impact. In other words, any meaningful social media engagement in essence involves connecting with those

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