Monster Checker



Monster Checker is an application developed as a learning tool for kids. Kids can be taught to not be afraid of monsters as they aren't real. There is a phase in every child's life when they hallucinate leading to eerie feelings as though monsters were in their room. They get scared and aren't able to sleep and stay awake past their bedtimes. Even if they sleep after struggling for some time, they may have nightmares or might want to sleep with their parents at night. The Monster Checker application is equipped to alleviate all of these issues.

With this application, the child's room can be scanned and shown to a child that there aren't any monsters in their room. The Monster Checker application has been tried and tested extensively and the test results have revealed that by simply using the application for the purpose of checking a child's room when they are scared of an imaginary monster, they are able to fall asleep quicker.


  • Mobile application which is reassuring for kids that there aren't any monsters in their rooms.

Technological Information

Monster Checker has been developed in Android mobile application development platform.

Technology Used
  • Android