2016 Timeline: Strategic Tech Trends Unveiled


2015 had undoubtedly been a watershed year in IT but it outwardly gave a glimpse of what’s next in the digital transformation landscape for 2016 and beyond. Business icons have vital opportunities to establish succeeding technology through the enterprise to draw change, development and value addition for all the interested parties.

Evolving technology with matured approach has compelled us to rethink our work process and how we ever functioned in its absence. Mobile and cloud are two eminent examples that speak for technological advancement which are well accepted ranging from businesses to individual consumers – everybody, anywhere, any time.

Modern technologies like smart gadgets, Internet of Things (IoT), software-defined fast paced programs and 3D printing have slowly stepped into the mainstream digital espousal. The scope for where the mentioned technologies will lead to and how they can influence our lives are unending.

Recently a top notch research firm Gartner Inc. disclosed its list of the best technology trends to rule in 2016. Gartner outlines these trends as those that can impact your organization significantly. Aspects that indicate key impression comprises of a high potential for interruption to the business, customers or IT; the prerequisite for a substantial investment or the jeopardy of being a late adapter.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for technology in 2016:-

The Device Mesh – It refers to an expanding set of sensor points embedded in modern devises such as wearable. These work in silos to help access applications, information or communicate with people, social communities, government manifestos and businesses. It is predicted that these end points will find its way more in concerts or event oriented occasions leading to greater mass appeal.

3D-printing Materials – Although 3D-printing existed in the industry quite a long but it is now that it has received limelight and some big companies such as – Tesla are utilizing it to shape up engine parts, and SpaceX for rocket equipments.

Advanced Machine Learning – Now it’s time that not only humans would learn rather technologies will be able to collect information and study based upon it. During the process, much of the primary analysis done by a human is now possible to be done by machines.

Ambient User Experience – The device mesh lays ground for an evolving ambient user experience. Enticing digital environment that brings improved and virtual reality hold noteworthy prospective but it is just one side of the coin of experience. Ambient UX impeccably flows across a variety of devices and communication channels unifying somatic, virtual and automated environment as the user travels from one direction to another.

Internet of Things Platforms – The expression, security, integration and other technologies combine to be the base code of competencies for building the standards of IoT platform. Gartner hints that the benefactors of IoT platforms are even though patchy today, would serve an improved ecosystem where data is shared more widely.

Mesh App and Service Architecture – Monolithic application, linear software designs such as the three-tier architectural pattern are seeking more loosely integrated approach: the apps as well as services architecture.

Gone are the days when traditional mode of conduct in the industry used to earmark itself now Companies have to be innovative and proactive in approach, but often choosing the start point is a problem. List above can surely show you the path but implementation still lies on your part. So what are you waiting for? Get ready with these technologies and stay ahead of your competitors.