5 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Stay Healthy at the Workplace

StayHealthy @ Work

Staring at your computer screen for hours can cause severe eye strain. Who can know this better than me! I have been using anti-glare specs for 3 years. I used to have regular headaches at the office. Initially, I thought it was caused due to an empty stomach. But, repeated headaches made me feel suspicious. Some of my friends told me to visit an eye specialist for a check-up. The doctor told me the actual reason behind the headaches – increased eye strain because of an uninterrupted staring at the monitor.

Sitting for long hours at the office can also cause back pain and increased fatigue. Being an employee myself and working in an IT firm, I know very well how much focus we need to stay in our job to deliver the projects within the deadline. However, nobody has told us to neglect our health for the sake of our job. Here are the top 5 tips that you can follow to make a few adjustments to your current unhealthy work habits to stay fit and happy at the office.

1. Keep Your Work Station Clean

It is essential to keep your work area clean to avoid stress and inefficiency. The desk phone, computer screen, keyboard should be wiped at least once a week. Before leaving for the day, keep all files, pen and paper in place so that the very next morning you don’t have to search for them. Always throw waste papers in the trash can instead of dumping all scrap papers on your workstation.

2. Have a Proper Sitting Posture

I spend a maximum time sitting at my desk; hence I have ensured my sitting posture is correct to reduce the chances of a back pain. If you go through the different articles on unhealthy work habits, you will find in most cases, back pain is caused due to incorrect sitting posture. Therefore, you should adjust your chair in such a fashion that your feet remain flat on the floor and your knees are at a 90 degree angle. You should adjust your computer screen so that your eyes remain at par with the monitor. The elbow of your hands should rest on your chair when using the keyboard.

3. Take Mini Breaks

Office doesn’t mean all work and no relaxation. You should take mini breaks to rejuvenate your mind and to unwind your tensed muscles. I came across a research that revealed an interesting aspect of the human body – our body follows a cyclic pattern called “ultradian rhythms” when the energy levels in our body declines every 90 to 120 minutes. With low energy levels, we find difficult to concentrate on whatever we do, feel hungry, start yawning, and feel restless.

4. Avoid Junk Food & Dehydration

It is not at all a good habit to eat heavy, junk food at breakfast or during lunch. Try to have healthy foodstuffs such as cereals or oats at breakfast and try to bring home-cooked food at the office for lunch. A healthy body brings peace of mind and increased focus at work. Always drink lots of water (more than 8 glasses a day) to stay hydrated during a busy working day. Dehydration can cause exhaustion and lack of concentration on work.

5. Workplace Workouts

Not everyone can afford to take mini breaks during office hours. To stay fit and fine, you can do some exercises at the workplace itself. For instance, stretching your legs, tilting your neck sideways, up and down, stretching your arms and ankles for a few seconds, and then repeating the exercises at least a few more times every day.

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