6 Rules for Selecting Your Next Strategic Technology Partner

Without much ado, let us come to the point, straight – the biggest mistake that business owners make is trying to do everything alone. Business owners who fail to appreciate the significance of a strategic partnership also run the risk of jeopardizing their business. Moreover, in today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive marketplace, the term strategic partnerships have gained a whole new facet altogether implying greater strategic importance.
As the next obvious step both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are in race two, expand distribution and also to capture the innovative sources of monetization.

We are one of the leading and the most sought after strategic technology partner and business consulting company for our esteemed clients. Based on our industry experience, we can say, making an informed decision is therefore more than important when selecting a technology partner for your esteemed organization.

Do everything in your control to select a strategic technology partner that matches your business goal, objectives and more

Here are the 6 key rules to mull over when looking for a technology partner for API Integration, mobility services, software testing, Microsoft services, cloud computing or for utilizing the power of Big Data services and solutions

Point 1: The strategic technology partner, you select should have a wide range of experiences with customers from varied industry verticals. This is a MUST element which can never be ignored. Keep in mind; the more experience the developer has across different businesses and applications, the better they will be able to architect a solution

Point 2: The technology partner, you select needs to be a polyglot shop. This means they should be able to use a whole variety of different technologies, languages and frameworks. To put things simply; you need to find a firm that has skills in integrating PHP, Java, .Net, C++, for a whole range of platform.

Point 3: Avoid a technology partner without three times more software engineers than you may need to work on your project. A company which is too small may not be able to deliver your project on time and as per your budget

Point 4: A competent technology partner will make frequent releases (no matter how small) once in a week or two weeks, based on your project size. You may not have to deploy those but you should take a closer look at the releases and should be posting improvements very frequently.

Point 5: Transparency is yet another important aspect which should never be undermined when looking for a technology partner. Transparency means you should have access to what progress is being made at any given moment and this should be accomplished via any online project management tool.

Point 6: Stay away from the firms that may work in exchange for equity. Yes, we know it is always tempting to zero down on a firm that works for a lower rate, but we highly recommend to stay away from such company. Such a company generally needs a stream of income to make payroll, and your project is going to be put on the back burner when they have income producing work available.

Finally, your strategic technology partner should be able to offer you all the services you need from start to finish.

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