6th Anniversary Banquet Party of SBR

SBR was thrilled to organize a gala banquet party on November 27, 2013 to celebrate its 6th anniversary in a row! This time, the Banquet Party was held in the Indismart Hotel situated in Saltlake, Sector-V.

We the employees – the SBR-ians were all geared up to enjoy the moment of festivity with unlimited fun and frolic coming all our way. On the event day, every one of us dressed up colorfully to be at par with the festive spirit and to hold high the company’s spirit of success and togetherness.

The fun-filled event started off by honoring our special guest – Prof (Dr) A.K. Bandyopadhyay with a bouquet of red roses. Following that, our CEO – Mr. Biswajit Kumar Singh gave the welcome speech. Sir thanked every one of us for our contribution in making SBR of what it is today. He also spoke about the vision and mission of SBR; the company that has grown substantially from 4 employees to a strong 60 plus employee-base in just 6 years!

The online, digital world is in constant flux, and so Mr. Singh reminded us to work more closely as a team and in complete coordination with each other to conquer the unconquerable and know the unknown. As he has rightfully said lots of things are still to be achieved and new milestones need to be set. I must say Mr. Singh gave a memorable speech to boost the morale of each employee. After the speech, we felt all the more special and happy to be a part of this ever-growing SBR family. Sir has specially flown all the way from the UK to be a part of the annual celebrations and activities.

In between the talks, we were served with mouth-watering, delicious starters – crispy baby corns, chicken tandoori, paneer tandoori along with soft drinks. The SBR-ians were free to help themselves with as much snacks and drinks as they could manage to gulp down! 🙂 I personally had around 5 pieces of chicken tandoori, an unlimited amount of crispy baby corns, and soft drinks (hey, I’ve not counted the number of glasses I had taken on that day! Lol)

In the later phase, there was a cake cutting ceremony where our CEO, HR Manager and some of the seniors cut the cake amidst loud accolades and cheers from the entire SBR family.

To make the event all the more awesome and memorable, SBR invited one of our very special client Mr. Robby to participate in a video conferencing chat. During the course of our conversation, Robby narrated some of his darkest days when his sales figures were not at all satisfactory. He cheerfully thanked the SBR team for taking his business in the right direction and helping him achieve a multiple sales figure within a short time span. Indeed, Robby was super excited to be a part of the successful SBR Anniversary cum Thanksgiving party!

After some serious discussions, came the breath-holding moment when Sir proceeded to announce the names of “Employee Of The Month” from the IMD (Internet Marketing Development) team and the Web Development team. He also took the opportunity to announce the name of the “Best Project Manager of the Quarter”. All the 3 winners were given a beautiful crystal trophy as a memento and a certificate of appreciation.

After giving away the trophies, some melodious music of the Beatles, groovy dance numbers of Aqua and Vengaboys was being played for all of us to shake our legs. All of us were very excited to dance on various party numbers.

In the midst of our twist and turns came the news “dinner is ready”. The SBR Anniversary dinner was scrumptious with some great food to enjoy. There was both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes including tandoori roti, dal makhni, mixed vegetables, the yummy dahi chicken, mutton korma, pulao, chutni, papad, a wide spread of fresh salad, papri chat, and yogurt to try out. What’s more! After the huge feast, to spark our sweet tooth, there was a spread of delicious desserts – chocolate pudding, ice-cream to satisfy our craving.

The entire SBR family enjoyed the annual Banquet Party a lot! We very much wish to continue this kind of celebrations in 2014 and the years thereafter.

The SBR Team