A B C D s of Online Video Optimization

Let’s not deny the fact; online video optimization is possibly one of those topics which are rarely discussed. Still it’s something, which indeed deserves bit more consideration. Online video optimization is all about positioning and optimizing your videos so that people can find it in the search engines.


With Google’s Penguin and Panda updates constantly focusing on quality content, more and more businesses are integrating videos into their content strategies. Recent study has revealed that browser prefers getting information via video over other content types such as white papers and case studies.

Sure like your websites your videos should also be optimized for search.

Keyword, keywords and keywords:  Certainly it is all about the keywords so give your video a rich title using niche and relevant keywords.  Possibly you know this already, title is one of the significant factors in convincing the user to view the video.

Quick tips– Use specific, targeted and niche keywords in the file-name as well as at the URL. Also, avoid using the  stop words in the filename, such as “the”, “and”, etc. Place keywords in the metadata and meta descriptions and try optimizing the  surrounding text on the page, while including keywords relevant to a user’s search. Ensure, including the word “video” in the metadata on the Meta data on a regular basis.

Optimize the video properties: In the title include the business name and category as well as include the business name, category and phone number in the Author field. For the Comments field, include Google categories, city name, surrounding cities of your business and also keywords.

Quick tips –  Stay away from the flash video players as much as possible as these are not search engine friendly. Also create a video site map to enable the crawlers in finding your videos.

Keep the video length up to a reasonable time limit of 5 minutes or less.  Research reveals that users generally abandon it if the video is too long.  Instead of making one video too long, create multiple video series for detailed subject matter.

Remember, when uploading videos on the video optimization sites link back to related content and videos on your site. Well, it is all about driving qualified website traffic for the video you provide.

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