Adwords Remarketing to Reach Out to Your Audience & Improve Conversions

In March 2010, Google, the world’s giant search engine company rolled out the Adwords remarketing feature in an effort to help advertisers. This was done so that advertisers get another opportunity to target prospective customers and improve conversions. This is basically a technique to reach out to prior visitors again on your website who failed to click on your ads the first time they have visited your site. In this post, we will talk about how remarketing will help businesses reach people who have already visited their website.

Targeting Your Audience Better

As far as the Google AdWords Keyword tool is concerned, it has some small useful features that help in terms of keyword research. Once the initial list of search terms is generated, you will be able to click on a dropdown menu that will be found next to any word in the list. Thereafter, you can choose ‘Show more like this.’ Then, a new list will be displayed and you will get to see more options which will be closely associated with the term you have already chosen.
So if you are able to use the ‘More like this’ feature to expand your customer base, it will help you reach out to more customers and who are identical to those customers whom you have already targeted.

Adding a Piece of Code, i.e. Remarketing Tag

Previously, to make the most of the remarketing feature, businesses were required to integrate a code on each of the pages they wished to include in their campaign. However, the situation now has changed. You are required to add the remarketing tag only once on the website. This way, advertisers can build campaign oriented lists so that they can target the right keywords. Again, those who are using Google Analytics can build and handle those lists via the Analytics interface.

Involvement in Search Ads Beta Testing

Do you have experience in managing an AdWords account? If yes, you can take part in the extension of the search ads beta test. This way search campaigns can be tailored as per the remarketing lists in Google AdWords. The customization of the campaign comes from those websites that users have visited already. This in turn helps in the improvement of ad relevancy.
You can improve the return on investment of your campaign by availing the services of a PPC management expert no matter whether you are involved in beta test or not.

Multiple Ways You Can Make the Most of Remarketing

Remarketing for the Search Ads: You can display advertisement to your website visitors when they are looking for they require on Google. You can reach out to a broader audience by using more keywords or setting bid adjustments for those who have landed on your site and customize your ads accordingly.

Remarketing for Display Network: You can display adverts to website visitors when they are surfing the internet.

For Mobile Apps: Target those customers who have visited particular segments of your mobile app. You can also show ads to the users when they are using some other app.

Dynamic Remarketing: You can display dynamic ads to your website visitors by leveraging the potential of your Google Merchant Center Account. These adverts are specially created based on the web pages users visited. It is also based on how your customers interacted while they were on your site. As far as these dynamic ads are concerned, they include pertinent details such as product title, visual and price.

Businesses use remarketing because it helps them reach out to their targeted audience when they are most likely to purchase. With it, you are also able to achieve the right price and get a fair return on investment. Moreover, the process of ad creation is simple. You can either create customized messages using text based ads or make use of the Ad gallery to create a picture or video based adverts for free. The best part of it is that you can see where your ads are displayed and limit the use of the ads according to performance.

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