API and Integration

Integrate easily with travel, shipping, social media and payment gateways with seamless API Integration

The process that is followed or more precisely the allowance that is given to programs to connect, access and communicate with other programs is known as 'API Integration'. Simply put; it is typically 'software- to – software' interface that allows all parties to communicate seamlessly with or without any precise user knowledge or any kind of interventions. At SBR we offer seamless API integration services to integrate data with other third party applications efficiently.


Repository Integrations

  • Adapters to all modern IdM systems
  • Database adapters with dynamic SQL
  • Extensible APIs (REST, SOAP, Custom)

Our API integration services help in easily integrating data with other third party applications. Our key responsibility includes -

  • Integrating with Google AdWords Bing Ads and other online advertising networks
  • Social media APIs ( Facebook, Google+,Twitter)
  • Facebook Applications
  • Online SaaS applications
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Google APIs (YouTube, Search, Charts, Analytics & Maps)
  • Travel APIs (Amadeus, Expedia etc)
  • Integration of payment gateways (PayPal)
  • Shipping API integration (UPS, FedEx)

The SBR advantage

Whether you wish to plan and implement a dashboard for centralizing information or want to leverage the third party application for creating a rather functional website, we are here to help you.


We build and Manage APIs

  • Build APIs for bridging clients and services
  • Supports OASIS and W3C formats and standards
  • Supports any XML or JSON based schema
  • Bridge legacy and modern architecture
  • Protocol & message attribute mapping
  • Data mapping translation on request & response
  • Extensible & customizable processing
  • In-line transformation

We offer a whole range of API integration service, backed by our extensive industry knowledge and team experience across domains.

Extensive Protocols

  • Inline protocol conversion
  • AMQP Proxy

Our Identity Mediation

  • Converts identity formats
  • Protocol to message token translations

With our result driven design and delivery approach we offer businesses the most appropriate support and solution.

Our Ecommerce API integration includes

  • PayPal API integration
  • Amazon eCommerce API integration
  • UPS API integration
  • eBay API integration
  • FedEx API integration

Our Social Network API integration includes

  • Facebook API integration
  • Twitter REST API integration
  • Flickr API integration

Our CRM API integration includes

  • Sugar CRM integration
  • Sales force Integration
  • Drupal/Magento API integrations
  • QuickBooks API integrations
  • Google APIs integration (Google Maps API integration)

Our API integration is a wide spread field that is extended for your business productivity, goal and objectives

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