Apple’s New Colorful iPhone 5C- Join the Fun and Excitement!

Apple launched its new iPhone range 5C and 5S, this September. For the very first time Apple is launching a budget phone, 5C loaded with some exciting features. It also comes in vibrant colors.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Unveils iPhone 5C

The announcement of Apple”s all new and exciting iPhone 5C is great news for budget-minded smartphone enthusiasts. The company has also announced the launch of the iPhone 5S. As far as this model is concerned, it differs from Apple”s premium model, i.e., the iPhone 5S. The 5C model is mostly made out of plastic and is cheaper than the other exorbitant models. This is the first time that Apple is coming up with a budget-friendly phone, and it is expected that the new handset will cost even less than $99 (the starting price). The company too has huge expectations for this colorful device, and targeting the Asian market, especially Japan and China. However, the company is yet to declare its pricing strategy in Asia. With the popularity of high-end smartphones and mobile Internet, mobile SEO firms are now focusing on services like responsive web design and optimized websites for devices like the iPhone 5C to reach the masses.

In this post, we will not talk about web designing but about the exciting features of the new iPhone 5C.

The Pricing For 16 GB, the device will cost $99, for 32 GB, it will be priced at $199. This is for a two-year contract.

Camera As far as the camera is concerned, it has an improved aperture. One can now control how light the snapshot will be. And, shots taken at night will appear much better. There are other features, as well, like the ”burst” mode with which you can take 10 snaps every second. There will also be a ”slow motion” option for videos capturing 120 frames in a second.

Fingerprint Recognition Technology

The Touch ID feature will eliminate the requirement for a password. It will make your phone more secure and harder to intrude. You have to simply hold your finger on the home button for a couple of seconds. The technology will recognize multiple fingerprints and the phone will unlock when held by the people you think as trustworthy.

Bright ColorsThe device comes in bright and vivid colors such as blue, yellow, green, pink, and white. So, it can be aptly called the rainbow phone.

Gaming View According to mobile game industry experts, users will now have a better experience as games will appear much better on the 5C model.

Better Battery LifeThe new model will have a better battery life of 250 hours when it is on standby. The new model looks similar to the iPhone 5 but much faster than the original iPhone.

The two models, i.e., the 5C and the 5S was released on September 20, 2013.