Are you ready to build an effective e mail marketing strategy?

Trust me on this; email marketing can be one of the most staggering forms of direct marketing or response marketing. It is highly targeted and the best part is its results are relatively easier to track down. Well, your audience typically makes an effort to sign up hence you can assume that they actually want to hear from you. They want to hear more about brand. What’s more? When done correctly it helps in delivering quite a measurable amount of ROI.

Above graph typically shows email marketing initiatives

Irrespective of all the benefits, still companies end up in frustrating their users while using poor etiquette and also by not thinking about the needs and demands of the target audience. So how to avoid the high attrition rate? The answer is written on the wall, you need to create a BOLD and RELIABLE, SCALABLE and STRONG content strategy that delivers relevant messages to your audience.

Here are few tips for creating effective e-mail content strategy –

Set your goal first: First things first. You need to have clearly defined goals. Are you looking for making sales? Or are you looking for growing your list? Raise awareness? Sure you need to be as specific as you can and it is only when your goals are in place, you would be able to build the content around accomplishing them.  Let’s say, your goal is to sale a particular service. You probably would develop a particular content strategy which centers on deals and promotions.

It’s time to target your message: Get it in writing, a good email list should be well organized, categorized and segmented, allowing you to customize your messages to the targeted and relevant audience.  Needless to say that generic mass emails will simply result in much lower open rates and low click-through rates.

Here comes the time to test your content:  No matter how well and how much you know about your brands and products, still it is incredibly important to try and test out various types of contents and also different formats.  Guess what. The result might surprise you!

Strike the right balance of promotional content and entertainment: Because email has such an incredible, fast, instant, immediate and measurable response, it can be often pretty much tempting to pump out all promo content.  Get it straight here. It doesn’t work that way. And with a big list, you may try out little sales pitch however that will yield you a much low open rate and as well as a much higher unsubscribe rate. So if you are serious about maintaining the size and quality of your list, it is important to include non-promotional messages in your content strategy.

Remember, the more interesting and the more relevant content you send out, the chances are more that your recipients are to open your email. For example if you are trying to sell your SEO and article marketing strategy then instead hitting it straight and hard you can create interesting newsletters on Google’s algorithm and its influence and how a well-planned content marketing and SEO strategy can help. Keep in mind, nobody on earth wants to be sold to, however everybody likes to know more and wants to be entertained.