Are You Using Bullet Points in Your Posts?

bullet point

Most of the articles that we read contain bullet points. Have you ever wondered why suddenly such points crop up from nowhere. The fact is bullet points help a post get the kind of attention it deserves.

  • It helps to easily scan an article
  • Find the key information
  • Highlight the important points

Bullet points help to attract an individual”s attention to something which is actually interesting and worth a read. For example, you want your target audience to know the 3 USPs of your business. Instead of writing long sentences, reveal the key ideas in bullet points. You will surely create a good reader base within a short span of time. Repeated visitors to your website or blog can eventually result in generation of leads and sale in real-time.

However, there are some strategies that need to be followed while including bullet points within a post.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Highlight the points that will keep the readers hooked
  • Use phrases instead of sentences
  • Maintain symmetry of one line or two lines

Allow me to discuss each of these points in detail.

    Keep it short and simple

Bullet points contain the key ideas; hence they should be kept as short as possible. There is no point writing long sentences describing your ideas. If you really want to elaborate a point, form a paragraph.

    Highlight the points that will keep the readers hooked

Many people don”t know the actual reason behind using bullet points. The idea is to emphasize on the most important ideas and not place the less important points in bullets. For example, if you are running a hotel business, your main USPs will probably be the strategic location of your hotel, 24-hour room and concierge service, and low room rates.

    Use phrases instead of sentences

I will once again suggest you not to craft sentences when writing bullet points. Choose the words carefully in order to avoid making it complicated. The whole idea is to simplify things and not to confuse the readers.

    Maintain symmetry of one line or two lines

It is important to maintain a consistency when writing bullet points. If your first point is made of two-lines, try to maintain that length in other points as well. Symmetrical lines make way to a stress-free reading.

So, there you have it. Try to follow these guidelines to make your bullet points stand out in the article or blog post. This will also improve your content marketing. I hope this post helps you. Feel free to post your comments.

Happy blogging!