Are You Using QR Code for Your Marketing Campaign the Right Way?

QR codes
QR codes, i.e. Quick Response Codes, can offer a plethora of opportunities to modern day marketers to attract customer attention and target them in the right manner via optimized ads. They are better than ordinary bar codes because they have the ability to store much more info, and this includes downloadable content. These codes can be generated free and customers find it beneficial.
The popularity of QR codes has resulted because of the extensive use of smartphones. Simple QR code scanners can be easily downloaded as a smartphone app and utilized to scan any QR code.
There are marketers who make use of these codes but often fail to get results. That’s because they commit some major blunders when it comes to marketing of these codes. Before we delve deeper into the post about the best practices of QR code marketing, let’s have a look at some of the mistakes committed.

Are You Linking to Useless Content?

Even if you are successful in convincing a customer to scan the code, your digital marketing efforts and consequent conversion might be stifled by poor-quality downloadable content or an ineffectual landing page. This means you have to keep your target audience engaged pre-scan as well as post-scan.
And, when you are incorporating these codes into your campaign, remember that QR code scanners are used on high-end smartphones. No matter whatever you link to the code, it should be optimized for modern handheld devices.

Offering Inconsequential Value

Marketing using QR codes has its challenges. You must give a good reason to your audience to scan the code. Scanning code takes much time. First of all, you need to take your smartphone, find the scanner app and wait for the application to load completely. Next, you have to position your phone’s camera accurately over the code and wait for some time so that the linked content loads.
This means it’s a lengthy process and also time consuming. So, after all this, if your potential customers are made to see an ad, it’s natural for them to get annoyed. Therefore, marketers should try to provide something better than an ad (a ringtone or mobile wallpaper is better than an advertisement) to drive action.

Some of the Best Ways to Market through QR Codes

With the passage of time, marketers have now comprehended the benefits of QR codes from the perspective of customers. This means that businesses will be able to employ QR code marketing more effectively than what they have done in the past. If you want to succeed with this form of marketing, make sure that you offer value to users.
Studies have shown that some of the popular forms of content accessed in mobile campaigns (campaigns using QR codes) are discounts, app downloads, ringtone downloads and sweepstakes. Some uses for QR codes include:

  • Connect to social networking sites
  • Offer details related to products
  • Display coupons
  • Downloading contact info
  • Displaying Yelp reviews
  • Displaying entry form to participate in a contest
  • Making mobile payments
  • Displaying directions to your business
  • Email newsletters
  • Scanning a paperless ticket

Of all the above, email marketing is the most effective. As far as email marketing is concerned, it can use QR codes to trigger lead generation without making a hole in your pocket. Moreover, they have the ability to cross channels from print to social media, mobile, and email marketing with easiness.

Where Should You Publish these Codes?

In order to get desired results, publish your QR codes on brochures and pamphlets, business cards, menus of restaurants, product wrappings or inserts, and point-of sale receipts.

Where You Should not Publish?

Avoid publishing QR codes on billboards, garments, vehicles, on the internet or on anything that moves continuously.
Today consumers are not only smart but also inquisitive. They are keen on scanning QR codes and therefore, you should use this opportunity to make the most of your marketing efforts using QR codes.