Article marketing websites: What are they looking for?

article marketingThere is no denial of the fact that in the beginning, writing articles and submitting them to a worldwide audience online can be very exciting. You start out with great ideas. You’re motivated. You’re inspired. You’re ready to educate audiences worldwide. Put simply, you are psyched to build your own staggering list with targeted leads, in order to make more money online, while selling your books, products and services. But after a while, nothing seems to work as your articles do not get approved by the article publishers (read article marketing websites) and then you simply run out of stem!
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Here are the top 3 factors, which online publishers usually look for when deciding which articles to publish:

Point one: Does your write up have zero self-serving links in the body?

Explanation: Face it, after the recent Panda and Penguin update loading up the ‘body’ of your article with affiliate links or other obvious self-serving links is a liability and will keep your article from ever seeing top results.

Point two: Does the article have more than 2 self-serving links in the resource box?

Explanation: Possibly you know this already, your resource box at the bottom of your article should be short and to the point. It should also be less than 10% of the total word count of your article and should not contain more than 2 self-serving links in the resource box.

Point three: Is your article within 500-600 words?

Explanation: Get it straight here; readers want instant satisfaction from the quality of your original content. This is after all the web world and no one has the time to really go deep when it comes to reading email newsletters. Write short, to the point and snappy articles because research has proved, shorter articles achieve a much higher distribution rate than longer ones.

Good luck!