At SBR We Learn, We Innovate, We Accept Challenges…

It would be difficult to move ahead and prosper in your life professionally without much enthusiasm and excitement in the workplace. Frankly speaking, if the professional ground is not good enough, it might affect the social, personal life altogether. Now, if you ask me what did excite me to join SBR with great enthusiasm, you have to flip through my story first.

When I joined SBR, it was just a startup and now it has grown up. Well, what is so interesting working in a startup is that you get to learn many new things. Working here is just a different ball game altogether. You need to have some aggression and motivation to take your company to the acme of success. At the same time, you will learn a lot in terms of various techniques, management leanings and almost everything necessary to run the cycle. Hard work is the mantra over here and since I love to work hard I walk into the floor of SBR with a laughing face every day.

Facing Challenge is the key word! We literally face challenges almost regularly- be it timely delivery, execution and innovation, but that doesn’t deter us from moving forward. At times, we delved deep into many of the issues and try our level best to solve the issues. Sometimes we succeed in fixing, sometimes we don’t. But that doesn’t stop us from getting better!

At SBR innovation speaks the last word. We keep innovating things in digital space almost every day. Be it designing, development, SEO or PPC we as a team try to innovate things almost daily. Mind you if you have the creative bent of mind, if you love ideas, come and join SBR. Nobody will restrict you to think the way you can and come up with great ideas.

Frankly speaking, we are in one of the most dynamic industries, where changes take place almost regularly. Almost every month the marketing strategy changes, updates come into picture and thousands of products are getting launched. So, it’s important you need to be at your own feet.