At SBR You just don’t Work..You Own Your Work!!

At SBR YOU just don’t Work..YOU OWN YOUR WORK!!

A revelation straight from the heart…

If I could recall, I still hear voices of my fellow colleagues, narrating how they all wanted to become well-established in life. Some wished to become lawyers, teachers, doctors, cricketers or someone famous. Well, that was not me. Though I was not sure of what I wanted to pursue as a career, but I did know that I have to move ‘against the tide’ and do something different, something Big..!!

These days it is not so easy to choose a career. Thousands of students compete with one another for positions in several professions which are almost limited. Frankly speaking, becoming a web content writer has not always been something that I wanted to do with my life. Coming from the journalism & Mass comm. background, I actually wanted to become a journalist. After being here for almost two and half years or so, I decided to choose content writing and social media marketing as my career. There are several reasons behind why I started loving my profession now.

Being a Content Writer and Social Media Marketer, every day I learn something new and different! If i work for a lifestyle brand, it is important to understand the taste and preference of customers. Based on that, content is being scripted and executed. Likewise if i work for any mortgage or Real Estate company, we need to update ourselves about the terms and jargons. We had to read many books, browse through several web pages and undergo meticulous research in order to incorporate them in our communication for a brand. Our ultimate aim is to help brands reach out to maximum customers and help fans admire the brand.

To be very frank, my job not just exposes me to vast knowledge, but also helps in upgrading the same. It gives me ample scope to learn, research and experiment. With immense knowledge at hand, we certainly feel more like well-informed individuals. On top of that, with the kind of work ambiance and colleagues, I have at SBR, it’s sure to be a pleasant journey altogether.

Today, I don’t have any qualms in admitting that I love being what I am – A Content developer cum Social Media Marketer. Own your work