Attention online sellers! Tips to increase your turnover on this Valentine's Day!


After Christmas and New Year here’s another opportunity to increase your turnover.

Our team of ecommerce experts outlines effective strategies for increasing your sales with the love fest


Here are some figures – 1 in 3 people in the US and UK buy their gifts online for Valentine’s Day. Well; that breaks down to

  • 59% of men
  • 41% of women buying gifts online.

With the Valentine’s Day round the corner that’s quite a healthy slice of the market to grab. It’s time to ‘seduce’ your buyers.

But before we provide you with the tips here are a few important things to keep in mind to get Cupid on your side!

  • Take a closer look at the male/female shopping habits before embarking on the journey
  • Mind their preferences
  • Delivery by the 14th is absolutely non-negotiable
  • Proclaim your love and woo your customers with outstanding customer service.
  • Highlight your recommendations to encourage sales

So here are out top Valentine’s tips for boosting sales

#Tip 1: Dedicate a section of your website to Valentine’s Day: Yes. Set up the website section dedicated to Valentine’s Day and divide it into two parts: women’s gift ideas and men’s gift ideas. Please note; not all users and buyers have the same and identical browsing habits.

While the female shoppers spend a lot of time looking at product images and while they  prefer searching  by brand, the male shoppers on the other hand tend to search by product are also more likely to read detailed product info (Source: InMoment).

So do your level best to make the most of your product pages. Use quality images. Use detailed and well-written text.  Feature the best-selling points to convince your buyer

Also; pay some attention to your e-shop design, use a graphic skin that will draw the user’s attention to your Valentine’s offers

#Tip 2: Create “Valentine Gift Boxes": This really works.  Alongside the traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates and perfume, Valentine’s Day is also the ultimate opportunity to showcase your other products that are particularly well suited to the day.

Stand out from your competitor and offer your visitors tailored gift ideas to celebrate the day of love, happiness, togetherness and bonding

#Tip 3: Service First and Service Fast: Yes. Valentine’s Day merits your attention. Make sure your site visitors can easily search your catalogue.

  • Here’s a tip – you may want to create a “Choose the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day”.
  • Here’s one more tip – You may want to create a banner “Tell us and we’ll find you the perfect gift for your Valentine”  to encourage telephone sales

#Tip 4: Guaranteed Delivery Dates: In this case a D-day delivery guarantee is absolutely fundamental, if you want to see your leads turning into customers

#Tip 5: Create a retargeting strategy: Digital Trends suggest – 73% of customers prefer buying from a site that uses their data to provide a more personalized shopping experience. So; what does this mean for you? Simple – setting up a retargeting strategy is a wise choice for Valentine’s Day.

#Tip 6: Start a Google Adword Campaign: Yes, that’s a quick way to get your target audience to visit your site. Opting for a Google AdWords campaign positions your products and ads at the top of the rank pages.

#Tip 7: Use social networks: Here’s the real fact – 82% of Internet users,  consult social network reviews so it’s high time to use social networks to find a new audience for your brand and your products.