Avoid Making Common Video Marketing Mistakes

high quality video

Videos can add great value to your marketing strategy but often the mission and the vision of the entrepreneur doesn’t translate into a high quality film which results in a major flop. A little preparation can take you long and the right selection of the team will help you to create the story board. Most of the time we show irrelevant contents in order to increase the length of the video but a short video acts more viral and increase the number of viewers. Many clients overlook the post production process and create the same blunder repeatedly.

Why Video Production

As it requires a lot of effort and your full attention but it has been observed that clients have tried to schedule the shoot a number of times on the same day. They try to high light a special event but the truth of making a good polished video for marketing requires a controlled environment.

Pre-interview session for a Testimonial

Video testimonials are one of the key features that will help you to generate lead. But just because client testimonials do not requires scripting or editing doesn’t mean that they do not require planning. Without planning they might not high light the unique selling points of your business. Thus go not gamble with your reputation. The best way to get a clients testimonial is by scheduling them in advance and conduct a pre-interview session over the phone to work out with the message. To ensure a best testimonial you can offer them a discounted or a free service.

The End Use

Identifying the end use of the video is the key point to make it viral. The approach of the shoot totally depend upon the end result Hire the right team that can identify the boiler and the teaser and brief them about the end use of the video, for example if it has to feature as an ad or has to be used as documentary or both. The producer plans accordingly and chalks out the story board. Thus always ensure that the video has an end plan.

It is not an event day

office shoot

The day to day office work results in piles of paper and untidiness which you overlook during the day of shoot. Especially even after the holiday or a special event day is over, the decorations hung too high to take them down. Make sure that your office should look professionally round the year on the shoot day. Brief your employees about the shoot so that they are prepared and appear in professional attire. Take care about the cleanliness and take a walk across the office before the shoot.

“About Us”

If you want to add an “About Us” segment then you must ask the team members to rehearse who will be appearing in front of the camera. Keep it short and to the point and prepare an exciting script. Do not try to squeeze all your staffs and deal with them without offending others who might not get a chance to be on the camera. Check out for a professional jingle and the right voice over if there is any generic script. The production takes longer time than the shoot and should be created to interest your business.