Being Social With A Purpose…

Social Media is no herculean task and people think that there is no need to rely upon social media experts or professionals to accomplish social media activities. You just need to be social, communicate well and converse with every individual. But, you know where the difference lies? Why people prefer taking the help of professionals? Mind you, the only difference between a common people using social media and a social media expert who actively engages on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, You Tube etc is the intent behind every update or action on these platforms.

How social interactions should be carried out

Let me tell you by an example: Since we were working on a client’s project, dealing with sweet delicacies and cakes, we posted an image of a lip-smacking cake on behalf of the client few days ago. Generally, what is expected is that the normal person or the owner of the business would probably post the image of the cake late at night when he/she would get back home and sit in front of the computer. But, you know what we did? We posted the image around 6:30 pm in various social media platforms. This is because we thought that was the suitable time when majority of the people either log off or return home from their work. Moreover, it is also that time of the day when you think about what you are going to have as a refreshment bite or make plan to chill out. That’s probably the time when you recall that mouth-watering cakes and choose to rush to the restaurant. So, there is intent!

Believe it or not, when there are some business objectives, there is always intent behind every activities and to some extent a planned approach to everything you execute as an expert. Although some may differ and argue that this is a wrong social media approach, but we know this is how social media interactions take place offline as well. Listeners don’t always attend a debate or discussion with an intention of listening to what speaker has to say. Apart from the speech, they might attend with the intent of networking. Similarly, a social media expert won’t always re-tweet or Like or Share the page not because they are attracted, but with the intent of getting noticed or developing a healthy relationship. That is what intent is all about!

We believe there is ample joy in sharing! We do posting in such a way so that other people can share easily. On top of that, we make it a point in adding Hashtags, alt tags, SEO descriptions for blogs to ensure that the post being published are well optimized. So here lies the difference between a common user using social media and a social media professional who knows how to utilize social media to achieve objectives.