Benefits Of Hiring a Dedicated App & Web Development Team

What is a dedicated hiring model?

It’s a long-term collaboration between a client and an outsourced team of developers. This group of professionals is put together for your specific business goals, functions similarly to your in-house teams, and, in essence, becomes a part of your company during the development phase.

Finding a dependable, dedicated development team to fulfill your business vision within a strict timeline and budget is challenging. We are a business consulting and app development company with expertise in mobile app developmentiOS and Android. We have resources that are capable of building both native and hybrid apps.

We at SBR have been assisting businesses for 12 + years and continue to gain more experience in these domains. We offer other companies the option of availing our resources to form a dedicated web development team that provides an array of benefits for streamlining project operations.

When to hire a dedicated app development team?

When a project’s scope is relatively limited, the need for remote developers grows. For example, a company wants to add a new feature to an existing product as soon as possible. Rather than burdening the core team, hiring a dedicated developer for such short-term requirements is preferable.

Whether you’re a startup, a well-established business, or a digital agency, you’ll need applications. Hiring a specialized workforce will be easier after you’ve examined your company’s needs, and it may be beneficial to you.

Professional staff can assist you in achieving your project objectives, particularly for projects that are expected to grow and expand rapidly – Long-term projects with multiple goals with the help of workflows that are well-defined and important.

Companies hire specialized developers to respond to these unique requirements. It enables them to expand a team in desperate need of a true developer who can handle tasks that require specific knowledge of the programming languages and architecture needed to complete these projects.

How can a dedicated web development team benefit you?

There are many benefits of having a dedicated web development team.

First, the development team will help you have an effective website that is easy to navigate and understand.

Second, they will offer you technical support for your website, which means that if there is an error in your website, the developers can fix it for you so that everything runs smoothly.

Thirdly, they will also improve your company’s SEO strategy by creating good content strategies and improving your site’s ranking on search engines like Google.


According to a Deloitte study, 59 percent of companies think outsourcing is an excellent way to save money. Indeed, hiring a dedicated development team can save a company in the United States more than half of its IT costs.

Expertise Availability

Sometimes the required software developers are unavailable locally, or you must pay them a salary that exceeds your budget. If you choose to hire a remote development team to supplement your existing team, you will have access to the best experts from around the world.

Increased adaptability

You can quickly change the team composition to meet current business objectives.

Rapid scalability

Outsourcing is also a good option if you need to expand quickly. Hire a development team with as many skills as you need right away to complete your goals and realize your company’s vision!

Create ground-breaking business strategies with SBR 

Yes, we value that every task requires a different approach in terms of skill-sets and hiring models. We, therefore, offer you the flexible, dedicated hiring model that suits your business goal and needs on a Monthly, Weekly, or Hourly basis. Our tailored dedicated hiring model works for a wide range of industries while exceeding clients’ expectations.

Benefits you enjoy – 

  • Highly-Skilled and certified resources
  • Easy and seamless communication with your extended team anytime, anywhere
  • Agile process and project management 
  • Monitor team’s performance via Daily Reports
  • Track team’s performance with Project Management Tools
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Flexible timings
  • Secured development area
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Thorough quality checks at multiple levels
  • 100% IP Protection
  • Online progress tracking
  • Immediate responses to your queries
  • Quality results delivered under your direct control
  • No hidden costs involved
  • Result-oriented services based on a solid knowledge base
  • Competent project management
  • Flexible team size
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Activities focused on an ethical approach
  • Latest & innovative solutions

Give your online presence the much-required boost with the years of experience of our dedicated developers and designers. 

To Sum Up – The perks of picking us!

With 12+ years of experience under our belt, you cannot go wrong with choosing us as your architects of business development. You should hire dedicated developers using our resources and assemble a team because we handpick the best talent that constitutes our line-up of coders and devoted developers who can be the best fit for your project and meet your needs.

Our adaptable squad of developers provides round-the-clock support across e-commerce platforms and a robust tech stack comprising Angular JS, React JS, Java, Magento 2, Shopify, ASP.NET, Woo Commerce, WordPress, Drupal, PHP, Node.js, and Python.

In addition, we optimize our workflows for timely deliveries, which find us guilty of consistently achieving customer satisfaction. A client-first approach ensures high levels of customer satisfaction and fosters a customer-centric culture in our company. We provide transparent and reasonable pricing at every level of your software development with utmost clarity. If your business needs an enhancement, we can assist you by scaling dedicated resources up and down at no additional cost.

Our devoted teams’ high-quality and efficient services in many fields, from quick adjustments of pre-designed platforms to full-scale software development, lead our clients to create long-term relationships. We focus on delivering our products in the blink of an eye, often surpassing set expectations. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re looking for a dependable solution that will help you achieve better results and provide more excellent value to your customers.