Best Employee of the Month And PM of the Quarter Goes to….

As a gesture to acknowledge the commitment and sincerity of its team as well as to boost the morale of the employee, SBR had organized an event to declare the ‘Employee of the month’ and ‘PM of the month’ award.

As a leading digital marketing company, SBR sees employee appreciation as one of the key aspects that ensure growth and progress. In December, 2013, SBR went ahead to acknowledge the employee whose performance has been praise-worthy enough. The company also declared ‘PM Of the Quarter’ award giving value to the leadership qualities of the employees who has been guiding the entire team and motivating them in every possible aspect. The name for the best employee award has been selected from SEO, SMO and Development department.

Best PM, 2013

The employee of the month was judged by the Team leaders and management itself. The best employee has been evaluated based on the skills, domain knowledge and other relevant factors. There was exuberance, unlimited joy at heart, spring at every step. Faces were no less pleasing when the memento with SBR logo and name of the winner embossed on it came. The mementos were worth admiring and the winners felt proud enough to hold that memento.

employee of month, sanjib

There were words on corporate responsibilities, self-development, achievement etc. On top of that the event invoked the spirit to excel. Frankly speaking, at the end of the day SBR did propagate the positive vibes, followed by appreciating the sincere efforts of everyone on the floor.

Employee of the month, 2013