Building a Healthy Business Relationship with a Less-paying Client

Less paying clients

Your dynamic marketing team has succeeded in turning a potential lead into a real client for your web design and development business. It’s celebration time for you. You have a telephone conversation with this new client, understand the needs and pretty excited over the new project.

Then, the client reviews your quote and asks for a huge 50 percent discount! To be candid, a 50 percent discount is a big difference when you think of designing and development costs. The moment you hear it, you start asking yourself questions like: Am I worth this low a price? Did I quote very high? Will the client be able to pay?

Instead of severing ties immediately, you can build a lucrative business relationship by keeping your client’s cost low and not cheating yourself for the efforts put in. How? Well, to get the answers, keep reading this post.

Do Consulting Instead of Designing

This strategy is liked by clients having budget constraints and who wants to design on their own. Instead of creating the web pages for them, offer consulting services and analyze their work. Your client sends you the design draft and you respond by recommending suggestions or improvements. This can be a win-win situation for both of you – you get paid on an hourly basis and your client saves money.

Limited Revisions

Multiple revisions can eat up both the designing time as well as the client’s budget. You can agree to a lower price by limiting the number of revisions. The prudent way of doing this is by setting a payment plan that is hourly based for the number of changes. Else, you will end up wasting time on doing infinite number of changes to the web design.

Design a One-page Website instead of Multiple Page Population

If your client cannot afford to pay you for all the pages, design a one-page website. Moreover, page population is not only a tiring task but also time consuming. Simply create the design for a single page and your client will build the rest of the pages to integrate all the content of the site.

A Proper Payment Plan

If your customer is unable to make a one-time payment, request him to make the payment over a number of months so that you don’t lose out as far as designing costs are concerned.
Esay payment plan

Selling in Bulk or Offering Discounts

This strategy works well with a client who is willing to work with you but at reduced costs. If a customer is eager to work with you on several projects over the next six or seven months, selling your services in bulk packages or offering discounts is a smart way of retaining them.

Make sure both of you sign a valid agreement and adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Sell in Bulk or offer discounts

How do you win the confidence of a less-paying client? Please share your thoughts with us.