Want an exposure to a nourishing and progressive job experience combined with an autonomy to explore opportunities?

To ensure a healthy contribution from our Associates' lives, we serve them with ample growth opportunities to bond their aspirations to accomplishments. We boost an authoritative and creative work environment to co-fabricate new ideas and innovative solutions and a workplace which fosters the unified amalgamation of LIFE and WORK.

We aspire to make every endeavor a winning experience for our dear co-workers. So if you dream BIG and want to try your hands in something new everyday by taking it as a challenge, do join us.

SBR is a company driven by passion for technology and innovation that provides the opportunity to work with some of world’s best-known companies and their products. While teaming with such companies you will come face to face with complex technological problems and other professional challenges. As you go from one project to another, you will emerge as a highly respected professional.