Certain considerations to mull over for successful e commerce design

Trust me on this, typically as a digital marketer I observe the same kind of mistakes whenever auditing the various e commerce sites. Yes, I am talking about the same kind of repetitive and shocking marketing mistakes that have flooded the internet under the name and style of so called ‘e commerce websites’

Of course I agree, when working on a new web design project it is pretty logical and also understandable to get hooked to the aesthetic element of the design. Needless to say, design is one of the most important factors for branding and for crafting the overall trust level, however let not the design reign over the purpose. Or in other words let not your pride overshadow your profit. Well, first and foremost purpose of any e commerce site is to make sales hence don’t let your blatant design idea hinder the sale

Here are some cool considerations to mull over when you are going through the process of e commerce design

Point One:  KISS – Keep It Short And Simple. Sure it’s significant for your website to have a clean, uncluttered and clear brand direction. Think from the browser’s point of view – when they land on a website they should be able to immediately recognize where they are.  Quite ideally therefore, try to design your e commerce website while keeping your brand’s positioning at the top of your mind.

Point Two: Having high quality product photography on your website can help you go a long way. Okay, let’s no more deny it, online marketing is all about visual sharing hence having state of the art product photography in your website will not only grab immediate attention but will make your site more sharable on the web.

Point three: As a matter of fact, your homepage is definitely not your whole website and as an online retailer you need to get steer people from your homepage into the conversion funnel as seamlessly as possible. So build your key category landing pages as well as the shopping cart with precision

Point Four: Clear call to action and Contact Us link should be there on your site. Guess what – creativity will do no good so make your call to action and contact Us information loud and clear.

Point Five: Create trust level even with the older demographic who are afraid in making online payments and this is where the concept of trust symbol comes in. Your e commerce site should and must include trust symbol such as the awards, which you might have received, your client logos, any industry memberships, which you might have etc.

Point Six: In your shopping cart, you should add VeriSign, MacAfee and Better Business Bureau badges in order to boost confidence, trust and faith in the security of your checkout process.

Well, all of these suggestions are indeed best practices however you need to measure things well to make your e commerce site rock and give the traditional brick and mortar stores a real run for money.