Changes To Take Place in Social Media Marketing 2014?

Social-Media-Marketing 2014

What’s you plan with social media this 2014? Have you thought of applying any different social media strategy? Quite a lot had changed last year and that’s why lots of fresh new plans and strategies are pouring in so that business could adopt the same much before and gain prominence. Aren’t you interested in knowing what exactly could make your business stand out in the crowd and push it towards a promising future? Let’s cast a glimpse at the latest predictions for social media marketing trends to happen in 2014.

Google+ & LinkedIn Content will Increase

As per predictions, LinkedIn is going to top the list in relation to others when it comes to social content. It is expected that posts by renowned people and eminent personalities will tend to bring more visitors and traffic this year. While on the other hand, Google+ this year is going to gain much popularity as Google is going to link its products to participation in social network. However, many Google users are assumed to be against the network, so whether or not it’s going to succeed in the long run, is indeed a matter of time.

Keep Eye on the Audience

In the year 2013, quite a good number of business houses have primarily focused on the audience or visitors they thought they had with them and inviting as many new visitors as they could. Well, this was to some extent a major mistake done on their part. Now, the thing is that, those customers who were already converted unfortunately got drifted away on the way. So, accepting what you already had and ensuring the customer loyalty will be your first priority if you wish to go to the top and make yourself stand out.

Social Campaigns to fall in paid category

Good number of social media campaigns is going to fall in the paid Twitter is giving much priority towards paid advertising and Facebook has a plan of offering more and more options to its business. With lot of competition in the market, making a name for your brand and getting maximum visibility is something that is very essential for continued success.

Interactive v/s Inert

‘An image speaks a thousand words’ – The adage truly holds grounds! Images or Graphics have always been much in demand in relation to written posts or documents. To add more, people are getting bored of static content online slowly. Creating an interactive and engaging content that has the power of driving more visitors would definitely make yourself stand out from the competitors.