Check Out The Top 10 Most Popular US Searches on Google in 2014

Lately Google has released the annual list of top 10 US search trends in 2014 to tell Google lovers about the year’s fastest-rising search request. The list highlights the issues that have triggered the interest of US people most. And surprisingly it has been found that people have searched more for scary or depressing stuffs than anything else. And don’t miss out to note that Apple could not make a place this time in the list.
10 Most Popular US Searches

Now check out the list

1. Robin Williams
2. World Cup
3. Ebola
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. Flappy Bird
6. ALS Bucket Challenge
8. Ferguson
9. Frozen
10. Ukraine

Did you guess any of the topics beforehand that could crack the list of Google’s top 10 US trending searches? Share with us.

Do you know what US people have searched most on Google in 2014? Take a look.