Clouding with Confidence with Chrome and Android

Clouding with Confidence with Chrome and Android

It’s real predicament if you are visually challenged and you are functioning with the clouds. The challenge has been rightly addressed at the 28th annual CSUN International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference. A workshop as organized at the venue to discuss matters on how Google technicalities can be addressed with improvisations.

Making the cloud more accessible with Chrome and Android

Discussing about Google and Chrome Applications

Gmail has been equipped with unswerving navigational edge. This is being strongly supported by HTML5 ARIA. Thus, if you are not able to see properly, you can still navigate using a fixed set of keyboard commands. This is real amazement.

The last steady form of the Chrome provides a resilient backing to Web Speech API, and this acts as tool for developers which they can make use of for integrating speech recognizing abilities in the realm of web applicability.

Chrome OS is well backing up avant-garde text to speech voice. Now you can receive feedback in the speech form made appositely visible with screen enlargement along with high-contrast approach. This is made available by the Chromebook and Chromebox structure for easy user accessibility.

It is all easy accessing content in the Google Drive by means of a keyboard. Now by accessing the narrower keys you can well run down a list of files. Even in Docs you get to use features by making keyboard as the medium. This is an innovation par excellence which lets you move close to the tool bar and you can even access the search menu with ease. With the help of verbalization extemporizations and keyboard shortcuts you enjoy an easy access to Sheets, screen readers, Slides and Docs.

Last but not the least, the new center guide has made it easy for users with low vision and those who are visually impaired have a smoothening experience with Google application.

The Android Creating a Difference

The Android 4.1 is blessed with a Gesture Mode and with this you can steadfastly direct the UI by making use of the touch and swipe gestures in amalgamation with speech production.

The Android 4.1 has been even made superior with the adding of Braille support which has created an easy expansion on Google drive especially for the Android users. Now reading and editing documents have been made easy and feasible. Editing is even made better with Talkback in association with Sheets and Docs.

The last version of Talkback houses multiple in-demand features. The list includes browsing the web content following a basic structuring. You can now easily append or recommence Talkback with an easy usage of redial menu.

Screen magnification is improved with built-in Android 4.2. This enables you to see things big and better. Magnification is really on the cards these days.

Such glorifying  Chrome, Google Apps, and Android updates have indeed created that steer among low vision users. However, there are always scopes to develop and redevelop. APIs are creating all that difference and third party developers are taking advantage of the unique web accessibilities for a enlargement so sheer and comprehendible.