Content Quality When Panda and Penguin Rule the Internet!

Radical changes for SEO experts, copy writers, and website owners when Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have taken the online industry by storm! Search engine optimizers were found busy gathering links and copy writers cramming articles with keywords. And the very next moment, all ranks, quality, and profit lost! Though some of the websites were rocked by the violent waves of Panda and Penguin, some sites that adhered to quality content writing were on the right track and managed to rank high in the search engine results pages.


The first blow was from the Panda which warned site owners to keep away from practices like copying material from other portals, or overcrowding the web pages with irrelevant and futile information. According to the update, websites with unique and original facts will be ranked higher in the SERPs, and pampered by Google. Original and useful info can be easily gathered by detailed research, studying reports, and meticulous analysis.


The second hit was from the Penguin that stated sites that are manipulating ranking by adopting to spamming techniques will be highly penalized. So, in simple words, you will be penalized if you indulge in practices like poor content creation, keyword stuffing, unethical link building, and forced use of keywords that make an article or blog appear unnatural. In other words, disturbing the natural flow of reading with excessive use of search terms will not be tolerated any more.
How to Avoid being Penalized?

It’s actually easy if site owners stick to some simple practices. They are:

  • Creating original, engaging, and useful content for the visitors.
  • Keyword usage should sound natural and must not exceed 2 percent.
  • Writing naturally.
  • Incorporating natural links.
  • Updating websites with engaging features, guest blogs, and newsletter blurbs.
So, website owners badly shaken by the Penguin and Panda should pull up their sleeves and start afresh implementing the above strategies. It will take some time, but will give you beneficial results in the long-term. Remember whether you are writing about website design Los Angeles, or women’s accessories New York, content is king, and always be!