Create, Optimize & Improve Your Website & Blog Content


There are some websites that we love to visit over and again. Have you ever sat down and thought what makes us repeatedly visit those sites? Well, it is the content or the things written and posted on those websites that attract us and millions of people worldwide. A site with a poor content will never be able to pull a crowd; it is fresh, informative content that is a main pillar to any good website.

For-profit businesses want to capture the attention of maximum people to generate conversion and sales of their products or services. However, to get noticed in the digital world what they need is a high search engine ranking of their website and blog. Google, the premium search engine, has repeatedly stressed on the creation of high-quality content, and particularly after updating its two algorithms – Panda and Penguin, all sites containing outdated, duplicate content and irrelevant hyperlinks have been severely penalized. The search engine ranking of these organizations has dropped to a great extent making them almost invisible to the Internet searchers (you and me).

It is all the more important to update your website and blog regularly to retain the top spot on all popular search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. The logic behind the daily modification of your web content is pretty simple – just tell me who will want to read the same old content every day and for months? Will you ever love to check out a site that contains a year-old post? Of course your answer will be a big ‘NO’. However, by content, I don’t only mean text but photos and video clips as well! A good site is one that contains colored photos and videos that maximum people will prefer to view and talk about.

Create a Good Navigation

When developing your website, ensure you have created a smooth, error-free navigation system. Visitors must not face problem moving from one web page to another or finding your contact information or inquiry form. Remember, maximum traffic to your site means the search engine crawlers will get happy too.

Make the Content Relevant and Informative

You should not fill up your site and blog with ‘rubbish’, irrelevant content. Try to pen down useful, descriptive copy that your targeted audience is actually searching for. Your site must have enough content describing your company, its mission and vision, and about the products or services it sells. Your site content should not confuse the people rather should make them all the more attentive to generate repeat visitors.


Get Listed in the Popular Local Directories and Search Engines

Try to make yourself available whenever people are looking for products and services similar to what you have to offer. A great way to do that is by listing your corporate site on the local directories (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare) and on search engines (Google+ Local Search, Yahoo Local, Bing Local).

Encourage Reviews and Testimonials

You should allow your customers to write reviews and testimonials covering any aspect of your company and the services they have utilized.

Try to have a dedicated team to add new content or modify the existing one in your website and blog. It is only the ‘best’ content that offers value to the end-users (the customers) and enables the search engine spiders to easily find the pages.