Decode The Secret Behind Viral Marketing

Viral marketing to spread the marketing message
Where lies the trick? What people exactly look for….?

Guys hope you remember Gangnam style? Though we couldn’t make head or tail of it, but still it didn’t stop us from tapping our feet and grooving to its tune. The video by PSY has shattered all the records and is now the world’s most watched video. Hope you didn’t forget another most watched video, Kolavari Di? Remember Rebecca Black’s Friday? Though she had bagged maximum dislikes, but strange enough it did help her earn worldwide acclaim at day’s end. Although, there might be several reasons behind the popularity of things to go viral, the cause behind virality remains same- Seeing & Sharing!

Now, if you consider from the marketing perspective, the inevitable question that gives rounds is – Why do some adverts go viral and some don’t? Where is the missing link? Well, there is no hard and fast rule to guarantee virality, still it is tough to predict what would go viral and what won’t. A deeper introspection reveals that it’s the element of unexpectedness that people love. People love to get surprises..…

Frankly, the success of a planned viral marketing campaign can broadly be categorized into two main elements – A good engaging STORY coupled with a great SHARE.

The moot point lies in building up a good story, especially the one that can draw audience’s attention instead of a mere brand advertising. A story must conjure a psychological feeling so that the customers get motivated in sharing the same. Not necessary, that the feeling should always be positive, it can be subject to unanimous dislike. A feeling like ‘the others must be able to see this‘ is the key thing.

Apart from great story, what is equally important is audience participation. To ensure viral marketing success, you need to plan and share your campaign wisely. A great campaign is of no use if your message is not properly communicated. So get the right audience who can convey the message and initiate the cycle of sharing. Thanks to social media platform that has given audience ample power of sharing.

So, with Viral Marketing, it’s time to hit the customer’s passion point so that the passion seems enough to spread the marketing message.
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