DevOps: An excellent tool to drive your business Goals

Firms across the world are indulging in digital investments to leverage their businesses. From nascent to the newest technology, businessmen are going the extra mile to get a grab of the best. One such practice related to agile software development is DevOps.
Now chances are that you are new to this field and simply don’t want to get blind by science. That is not the case here. Though the current dynamics are overloaded with jargon and buzzwords, this technology is here to make life smarter and simpler.
The Road to Development
DevOps is nothing but an impeccable set of practices which is critical to accentuate the mode of work in the technical community. Starting from designing to development, this tool has incredible offerings to maximize seamless production.


In 2019, it has been implemented widely, especially in the spectrum of e-commerce ventures. Amalgamating the right mixture of agility of software development and operations, DevOps is no less than a boon for the ones who want to establish a sturdy online business.

Trends to Look for

Standing in the digital-first era, it is easily understandable that development operations are on rage. It is increasing at an unprecedented pace, which is helping to redefine a business’s and also an organization’s ability.
So, if you are inquisitive to dig in deeper about DevOps and in a need to implement the same at work, check out the latest trends.

4 Unmissable Trends
1.Automation is on the Motion

Automation is already considered as a disruptive technology. And when it comes to DevOps, automation seems to be inseparable. Taking account of such an importance role, developers are giving the best efforts to explore & incorporate this very technology.

For instance, in 2019, zero-touch automation is taking all the limelight. ZTA is a new wonder in the world of data and IT infrastructure which has optimized the techniques around automation to a great extent. Working in close association with a team of professional developers can give you broader insights on ZTA.

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2.More Adoption for Microservice Architecture

Every business that wants to incur the runtime is merging microservices architecture with DevOps. Proper adoption of microservices architecture can also make for efficient delivery. So, chase this trend of Development Operations to give the much-needed impetus to your business.

3.Security is Significant

Security breach is an issue and hence it is critical. Understanding the same, this technology is now focusing on DevSecOps. This implies that the aspects of security are in an integral part of DevOps. It has infused security in significant areas of business objectives to gain a sense of credibility.


4.AI seems to be Constant

Undoubtedly AI is the latest in-thing in DevOps. Apart from processing tons and tons of information and data, artificial intelligence is helping a business to get over several humdrum tasks with ease. The presence of AI in DevOps surely promises much more in the upcoming years too.

Final Thought

According to several surveys conducted in 2017 and 2018 respectively, businessmen have witnessed a profit of 17% after implementing DevOps in their organizations. Hence, if you are planning to fuse operations and development in your ecommerce or any kind of business, stop anticipating. Get started with a professional service provider like SBR-Technologies, who will allow you to enjoy a better integration of technology with a higher ROI. Contact us today and explore our capabilities at SBR Technologies.