Why DevOps for mobile application is the best approach for your business?

We have crossed half the year and it was said that there will be more than 26 billion connected devices by the end of 2020. Hence, it won’t be exaggerated to say that the demand of mobile application development will reach at its peak in coming years. With more businesses going mobile, users are seeking more convenience to access the web content on the go. Users are unlikely to put much effort on the applications that take more time to meet their needs and are less innovative. To stay ahead of the curve, mobile application development process needs to cater to more fundamental power of users so that they can enjoy both the user interface and user experience.

No matter how smart a mobile application is, the development process has always been challenging. One of the major difficulties in the process is configuring and managing a lot of changes under one deployment process. Developers strive for months after months to complete an application and then take few more months to test before putting it to live on the internet. This is where mobile DevOps plays the key role in a mobile app development company in making a significant change in age old development process.

What is mobile DevOps?

DevOps is a concept that is designed to efficiently integrate and leverage application process by reducing challenges on deployment levels for multiple operating system and devices. It’s a vital approach needed to deliver seamless application on time.

Prior to DevOps, there were separate teams, development and operation, used to work on individual ground. Communication gap was the main factor that inhibited the growth of innovation in the application. Now, with the collaboration of dev and ops teams, the methodologies have increased to develop, test and deploy several application orders in hours and not in months.

Why there was a need of DevOps for mobile application development?

For a business development company , the initial goal was to follow an approach to make the operation team test the software often and earlier in the project lifecycle, while encouraging developers to code in accordance with the operational concerns. No matter which platform you choose to develop an application, each platform comes with its several set of challenges. The approach of DevOps offer continuous testing and updating the changes to make the end product flawless.

In short, DevOps identifies challenges and resolve issues and process knowledge transfer between teams to speed up successful deliveries.

How does DevOps Work-

•Updates changes in both the teams

•Automates process

•Maintains system uptime

•Identifies and resolves issues in different levels

•Provides open platform to accelerate communication

•Ensures quality customer experiences

The last note:

It won’t be hard to conclude that why organizations need to incorporate DevOps into their operations without any further delay. Since, it’s all about customer satisfaction, making an app conveniently programmed to offer better user experience is the key to sustain in the market. DevOps offers user-friendly and completely integrated mobile apps for you business.

SBT Technologies take comprehensive take on incorporating DevOps approach to its mobile development process to ensure successful delivery of the project.

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