Embrace Digital Technologies to Add $ 1.36 Trillion to the GDP Growth

Accenture’s Digital Density Index has empirically demonstrated that greater penetration of digital technologies in economic activity would considerably raise productivity and GDP growth. In fact, it will drive US 1.36 trillion as surplus output in the world’s leading economies in the year 2020.

Digital Technology and GDP

It’s a new way for business leaders as well as the government to know, determine and manage digital strategies to ensure growth, development and competitiveness.

The effect of a ten point rise in digital density to GDP growth (in 2020) on the following countries is:

USA: $365 bn
China: $ 418 bn
India: $ 101 bn

As far as the advanced economies are concerned, the growth rate in 2020 is estimated as 1.8% more than the baseline. And, in developing countries, it will be 3.4% more than the baseline.

Though Accenture’s analysis has already confirmed the benefits of embracing digital technologies, but it has also shown the time it will take for more penetration to transform into growth and productivity.

Accenture’s Digital Density Index helps business leaders to:

– Ascertain where and how they must invest to drive growth and competitiveness
– Accurately measure progress

So, the index is a crucial guide for businesses and nations to grow themselves by embracing digital technologies.

Source: http://www.accenture.com/