Our Esteemed Client Ahmed Al Bader from Sihatech (KSA) has been Honored and named as the Riyadh Startup Battle Finalists

We Are So Much Thrilled, Delighted, Pleased And Honored  With This At SBR Technologies And We Can’t Wait To Share It With You All!

Arabnet – the hub for Arab digital professionals and entrepreneurs to connect and learn has proudly announced the 10 Startup Battle Finalists. Our esteemed client Ahmed Al Bader from Sihatech (KSA), the provider of technology solutions to the healthcare space has been honored and named as the Riyadh Startup Battle Finalists.

At SBR we take this opportunity to congratulate Ahmed Al Bader and also thank him for providing us with the opportunity for developing the Sihatech website and Sihatech app. Sihatech is a single stop for all your medical needs. The engagement portal and the app empower patients to find the best doctor according to their needs. Sihatech also allow patients to rate the level of satisfaction from doctors, which is a step forward for quality care. This unique, innovative and unprecedented method thus pushes both parties to collaborate and to achieve better patient, health and healthcare provision.

We feel honored for being able to play a part in this journey!