Ever wondered Why Users Frequently Uninstall Mobile Apps?

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On an average, a smartphone user keeps only 10% of the mobile applications that he/she downloads from the App Store.

 An interesting survey revealed –

  • 83% of iPhone applications were deleted by users after being installed
  • Around 30% of Android apps are deleted within minutes of download

With this comes the next important question – what actually cause users to delete mobile apps, which they take the pain of installing on their devices?

It is not possible to answer this in one simple line so let us delve further to understand the reasons

Huge Size of The App: Take it in writing; half of app uninstallations happen due to their huge size as their large size tends to eat up the storage space. Let’s think it from the user’s point of view. The user may find a particular app interesting and this interest might also trigger him to download the app. But as soon as the user finds that the app is actually eating up a whole lot of space then it’s pretty likely that he will try to find a briefer alternative.

App Loading Speed Too Low: A slow loading app, complicated app navigation, and lack of clear user instructions can make user frustrated and thus triggering his “delete behavior”. We never get tired of saying that in most of the cases, app users prefer fast loading apps, which can launch within 2-3 seconds.

Disturbing Ads: Frequent ads that are too much intrusive in nature can hamper the user experience, which may even lead to removal of the app. Take it in writing; apps with too many ads almost always create a negative impression.

Mandatory Social Login: A complicated and long sign up process is a great damper. Also; apps with a mandatory social login is a strict NO NO. Believe it or not; a large section of smartphone users prefer not to link their social media accounts with the app.  If any app gives such an option then it’s pretty obvious that the user will simply uninstall it.

Lack of Offline Mode: Online gaming, news portal, social networking apps – all sound pretty nice but a successful app should also have proper offline functioning. It’s pretty likely that users may want to use the app in an area without network connectivity and an app without any offline mode prompts user to delete it.

When the App Becomes A Battery Drainer: Research clearly reveals,  apps that are frequently uninstalled have a common problem – battery drainage. Face it; recharging a smartphone every other hour is not something which is desirable.

Privacy & Security Issue:  Research data unveils, 3 out of 9 apps pose a threat to user-privacy hence they are not retained on device for long. Remember; if security is an issue the popularity of the app can never rise high. Also; risks of data loss may lead to un-installation of the app.

Identifying A Better App:  Well; not much can be done in this case! It can happen that user get interested about a certain app, download it and install the application. The user may be reasonably satisfied even until they find a similar app with better features.

With this the next pertinent question hangs – Is there a secret, which may guarantee success?
No. But here are a few tips that may help mobile app developers to stay on the track

Tip 1: Create an awesome product: Remember; the best apps can do just one thing but the point is they do pretty well.  Remember only an awesome product can stand the test of time.

Tip 2: Built In-Virality: Instill some viral mechanism straight into the core functionality of your app. Believe it or not; the app becomes more effective when it allows users to invite friends to share it.

Tip 3: Android should also be a part of your roadmap: Don’t forget the Android. You may start with the iPhone however Android should also be the  part of your roadmap.

Tip 4: Take the small markets into consideration: Yes; everyone may want to crack the Top 10 app market however targeting the smaller markets can help.

Finally; make sure that you have the necessary budget for app promotion.

We never get tired of saying; it is essential to attract a first batch of users in order to test the metrics and to understand the real value of each user.

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