Facebook Reached 100 Million Indian Users Now Geared up for 1 Billion!

Facebook (FB), the world’s giant social networking company has already reached 100 million users in India on 31st March, 2014. India is the second country next to the US in this regard. And, now the global giant is preparing to reach another mammoth figure – i.e. the 1 billion mark in India. According to a company official, this new target of 1 billion is a new and altogether different challenge.

Focus to Reach Out to a Wider Audience Base in India

Javier Olivan, the officer in charge (responsible for global growth) of FB talked about the company’s focus on three major points to increase its audience base in India manifold. The plan includes a 10-year road map to reach 1 billion active Indian users.

So, What FB is Up to Reach its Target?

First, Facebook will work in collaboration with technology, telecom and mobile companies to improve internet penetration.
Second, providing basic web services to mobile and smartphone users and persuade them in embracing data as the company has already done in Paraguay and the Philippines.
Third, offering product development a mobile-first direction. According to Olivan, an affordable mobile will be the first device through which people in India will have access to the connected world. Everyone has to think in terms of mobile and review a product using the mobile version.

The Success of FB in India Was Due to the Widespread Use of Mobile Phones

Facebook gained its popularity in India quite speedily and this has been possible due to the use of mobile phones. This US based social networking company had its first office set up in the year 2010 in Hyderabad. In 2010, FB had only 8 million active users in India. The figure spiraled radically and reached 100 million this year. And, out of this 100 million, 84 million users access this social networking site using their mobile phones.

The Growth Rate in Terms of User Base

Let’s have a look at the growth rate in terms of users.
After FB was established in 2004, it had 1.23 billion users globally in 2013. However, in the last 3 years, the social media giant simply hopped, skipped and jumped from 600 million to 1.2 billion.
As far as the India scenario is concerned, user base escalated from 17 million to 100 million in a short span of time.
With 100 million Indian users, FB will be successful in attracting more marketers. That’s because it will attract a considerable amount of share in terms of digital ad expenditure.