Facebook ‘Likes’ Unfold Human Character

Facebook Likes

A recent study of 86,000 and more Facebook (FB) users reveals the power of intelligent machines to understand human character based on Facebook ‘likes’. According to the Cambridge study, the likes were analyzed to evaluate an individual’s persona based on 5 key traits used in psychological assessments including openness, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

The more the number of likes an intelligent machine can take into account in its consideration, the more it became to form an idea of an individual’s personality and character, as said by David Stillwell of Cambridge, who was responsible to develop the personality test.

For example, those who liked the movie Kite Runner, studying or mountain biking revealed that a person is conscientious and well organized. Again, those who liked Blackadder, Velvet Underground and Douglas Adams implied they were less conscientious and more spontaneous.

So, Facebook ‘likes’ can know your friends better than you do by just analyzing the kind of books, sports, movies or celebrities your buddy likes.

Individuals with specific personality traits are more to like particular artists, movies, phrases and activities. These traits are:


– Traditional and Conservative (Fox News, George W Bush, Deal or No Deal)
– Liberal and Artistic (David Bowie, Buddhism and Bauhaus)


– Active and Extrovert (Meeting new people, tanning, Gucci shoes/clothing)
– Shy, Introvert and Reserved (Wikipedia, Doctor Who, the game Minecraft)


– Well organized (The Apprentice, Mountain biking, study)
– Spontaneous (The Mighty Boosh, The Velvet Underground, Blackadder)


– Calm and relaxed (Volunteering, snowboarding, kayaking, ping-pong)
– Emotionally unstable (I miss you, Kurt Cobain, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gothic rock)


– Competitive (WikiLeaks, Richard Dawkins, Silence of the Lambs, Lolita)
– Cooperative (Life of Pi, Christian, The Bourne Identity)

Do you know your friends well on Facebook, i.e. their human traits? Do you judge them by what books they read, movies they watch or music they listen to? Share your views with us.