FIT GLYP – Virtual Drink Boosting Your Business

Business Drink

Enough of technology, it’s time to take a break with FIT GLYP.

As a business owner when you are tired of toggling with the sales graph and spend hours while thinking of lead generation, you actually burn business calories. You rely on the orthodox strategies and miss out on the aesthetic of running a successful business. Have you ever thought of taking a break?
For the first time SBR Technologies introduces a virtual business boosting drink strictly for the CEO’s CFO’s and business owners. “FIT GLYP” has been digitalized with the perfect recipe of social media to optimize your business. If you are losing business to your competitors then simply boost your business with FIT GLYP.


It’s a virtual business drink  that will keep the business fit on digital platforms with strategic marketing and branding innovation. The name itself explains that it’s a protective shield which will accelerate your business even under recessive environment. More precisely the liquid state of the drink keeps you flexible with constant change occurring around us. Every molecule of FIT GLYP contains atomic ideas of taking your brand on social forums.

The Jargon:-

F- Facebook
I – Instagram
T – Twitter
G – Google Plus
L – Linkedin
Y- Youtube
P – Pinterest

When we talk about Social Media, then the two giants those crops up are Facebook and Twitter. Howsoever there are numerous other platforms out there, and leveraging the ones where your business can connect with the right audience, is the key to success. We at SBR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. plan our social media marketing services to help you control your messages across social platforms which you think is best for your brand’s exposure and reinforcement. We plan your social marketing strategy based on your unique business challenges and goals.

We will ensure that your campaign doesn’t fall into one of those epic failure categories. We understand that prospects want to converse with you and not listen to your continuous, one-sided sales pitches. That’s why our social media services are designed to guide you with:
With us, you get a solid social strategy based upon your business objectives. If you have an existing social media marketing plan, we will help you improve on it or even help you build a robust social presence right from scratch.