Fun & Interesting Facts About Twitter

There are several interesting and fun-facts about Twitter. As high as 340 million millions tweets are generated in a day. Infographics receive more retweets than pictures and articles.

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When it comes to social networking sites, Twitter is one name that has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of use, membership, and popularity. This social platform has achieved worldwide popularity with an approximately 225 million users, and generating as much as 340 million tweets in a day! In this post, we are going to learn about some fun facts associated with this micro-blogging platform. Let’s start reading.

  • The story behind the inception of Twitter is pretty interesting. The board members of the podcasting organization, Odeo gathered for a day-long brainstorming session in a park, and being seated on a kid’s slide munching Mexican delicacies that the idea of utilizing an SMS service to interact with a small group was introduced by Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder).social media marketing


  • The original name of this social site was ‘Twttr’; later, the name changed to Twitter as we all know now. There is also an interesting story behind the christening of this popular platform. The initial name ‘Twttr’ was inspired from the name of the image website, ‘Flickr’. However, the Odeo team changed it to Twitter. The word means chirping of birds implying brief bursts of trivial information.


  • Twitter reached the pinnacle of popularity in the year 2007. This happened during the South by Southwest festival when the number of tweets escalated from 20,000 tweets a day to 60,000. This was a significant rise.


  • Initially, it took 3 years and 2 months to reach the billionth tweet. As of now, it only takes a week’s time to send a billion tweets.


  • The victory tweet of the US president Barack Obama was retweeted the maximum number of times. There were more than 800K retweets.


    • After the demise of Michael Jackson, there was a record of 456 tweets in a second!social media marketing


    • 32 percent of web visitors are using Twitter and 69 percent of followers are recommended by friends.


    • Records show that this social site has approximately 3,00,000 new users a day.


    • In one second, at least 750 tweets are shared by users.


    • 1 million accounts are added to this popular platform in a day.


    • Almost 30 percent of the users of Twitter have an income of more than $100,000.


    • Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have more fan following on Twitter than the total population of Turkey, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, and Argentina. These are the numbers of their individual followers: jb-twitter@justinbieber: 42,313,605
    • gaga-twitter@ladygaga: 39,246,628
    • As far as retweets are concerned, 92 percent of it is based on engaging content.


    • Infographics that are shared via this platform get 832 percent more retweets than articles and photos.

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