Get Quick Access to Individuals and Jobs with LinkedIn Search


LinkedIn still holds the position of a leading professional networking site with over 330 million users. And, to keep up the pace with its demand, the social platform is working painstakingly to enhance its search functionality. Last year in the month of June, the social site had organized its new search feature. This has helped in making search (within this platform) quicker, better and easily accessible.

Are you curious about learning what LinkedIn has in store for the users? Read this post to get your answers.

Find New People and Friends

Sometime back, you need to have a premium account to find and connect to people outside your network. Currently, users can build a connection with 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connections.

Get Access to Recommended Results

Now you have LinkedIn’s improved search feature to find out results based on common connections, companies or groups which you share with the person that you are looking for.

Content that Matters

It has now become simpler to get the content that your network is sharing with a dropdown in the search menu known as ‘posts’. It will help you search for the current topics based on what you are entering in the search bar.

Find the Jobs Most Suitable for You

This is the most advanced search feature of LinkedIn that helps users to find the jobs that are most suitable for you.  Your previous roles and responsibilities will be taken into consideration to provide you with the open positions that would suit your experience and expertise.

So, LinkedIn is really moving fast to cater to the needs of more than 300 million users. Have you used the enhanced features? If yes, what have been your experiences?