Get ready to deliver a fascinating webinar presentation

Sure you need to be compelling. In fact more compelling than the angry birds. And you better be because that’s your competition, when you are trying to grab the attention of the webinar audience.

Webinar Presentation

Trust me on this, gauging your invisible web audience is so tough and they can be simply up to anything. Well, while you can gauge attention by monitoring comments or by noting when people log off  it is certainly not the same as being in a seminar with a hall full of breathing humans. It’s more like shouting down a deep, dark, somber well, without the helpful feedback of an echo!

Needless to say, you need to work much harder than ever to avoid the mistakes that outbreaks conventional presentations. All you need to do is to carry your performance to a new heightened level. Here are few tips to help grab the attention of your audience and keep them hooked.

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Tighten your content structure: It goes without saying that your online audience gets distracted very easily. Visitors pop in, e mails pop up and they simply gets distracted. Tighten the structure of your content, avoid tangents and offer guideposts that signals where you are – for example – “here are few tips on webinar”… or “an incredible way to grab your visitor’s attention” – etc.

Limit the words in your slide: Wordy slides in fact lead nowhere. It’s all about being shorter and crisper. Are you still insisting on wordy and dense webinar slides? Ouch that’s gross because that’s the rudimentary factor in spelling death in a webinar environment. Let not power point do the Bossing on you! Honestly, creativity matters the most when it comes to the point of making webinar slides

Use striking visuals: Your webinar slides should reinforce your words and should not repeat them. All you need to do is to provide visual proof. For example – if your webinar is talking about pollution in Houston then instead of giving bulleted EPA data, it would be much compelling to show the photos of dead animals, dead birds or just a photo of a diseased lung! Powerful images make an impact!

Of course your image matters: If your webinar is web cam enabled then try to put the best face forward. So, test things before hand and also make sure that the camera angle is flattering if you are using a laptop then place it on a stand or on a stack of books so it is at least level with your eye line!

Well, even if you are a webinar veteran, rehearsal is still a must when it comes to the point of conducting a webinar. You should know well when to turn your microphone or when to swap the camera or when to advance the slides. Believe me, for a successful webinar, rehearsal is an absolute must!

Keep the pace brisk and also invest every word with emotion and meaning and intention.

Stay Focused: Yes, that’s the keyword indeed and if you get distracted easily then be wary of the chat window. This is where people not only comments and asks questions, but also points out any technical issues which they might be facing. There should be a moderator to take care of those issues, and you should only focus on your performance.

Interact with your audience: Hey, this is very important to keep them tuned in till the end. And if you are the type who can handle interactions well then involve your audience in a question and answer round!