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Are you ready with your marketing plan to score up in this financial year?

As you know that many exemplary business strategies stand the test of time but when it comes to the fast moving world of digitalization then the owners must be geared up to mobilize the platform

The half a million human race simply can’t think life without internet. Just guess how they feel about social media.  Social media has been catalyzing the use of internet there by connecting you people across the world. The evolution of various social forums allows you to publish your opinion. One in six marriages were between people who met through social media. One third of the women between the age of 18 to 34 check Facebook when they first wake up from the bed. 95% of the millennial have joined social media. Well precisely I am talking about your target market to expand business opportunities. They are the consumers, co-workers, CEO’s, decision makers.

Statistics says that around 81% of the B2B companies have a social account on the social media sites & 93% of all business buyers are social media advocates. More and more number of industries are surfing the social platforms through continuous bombardment creative posts with an user engagement strategies.

Social Media

It took 38 years for Radio to reach us and 13 years for the television but internet just took 4 years to reach 50 million users.  With more than 850 millions of active users, approximately 43% of the B2B companies and 77% of the B2C companies have acquired customers from Facebook. More than 25 million pieces of contents are shared in Facebook every month. All executives from fortune 500 companies are from Linkedin which receives almost 12 million unique visitors per day. Around 34% of the marketers have generated leads by using Twitter as 77% of the fortune global companies have their Twitter accounts as it is observed that there are more than 600 million searches on Twitter.  USA leading at 107 million Twitter accounts followed by Brazil at 33million and Japan at 30 million.  Believe it or not but only 14% of the consumers trust advertising and 75% goes for recommendation. Today internet allows people to get information online. Thus Social Media is the new way of thinking and marketing