GOOD THINGS SHOULD BE MARKETED Not Always For The Sake Of Financial Gain

Good Things
Think what would had happened if the world was unheard of Bob Marley songs. Imagine if we were unaware of innovations. Ever thought of life without French fries? As a creator you might be artistic and aesthetically rich of your creation but if you cannot reach the mass then you are simply turning it into fossils.

In the medieval times when communication was a challenge for mankind, many creations and inventions were lost in its time. Howsoever they created history. The modern world has identified the need of reaching a product to the mass. We are gifted with technology through with we can do a constant bombardment of conceptual ads to the mass. We have rightfully understood the socio beneficial importance of a product and the impact of a creation if our daily life style.
Not always for the sake of financial gains but many entrepreneurs in the past and in recent times have understood why they have to market their product. Invention educates us to make our life easy and flexible through its acceptance. The concept of marketing a product comes from the basic understanding of how it can impact the consumers and the non – consumers.


The story of the world’s fastest automobile brand Bugatti is one of the examples of remarketing a brand with its revised R&D catalyzed by Volkswagen. After 30 years they are now branding the vintage Bugatti giving a new dimension to the brand and reaching the automobile lovers with a retro feel in the metro mood.


The 21st century marketing standards has gone way beyond our expectation. Defined strategies of a product can be marketed on demographically filtered target audience. Internet and social media playing a vital role has captured the emotional value of the consumers into a digital arena. Life has shrunken into tablets and smart phone which makes a brand to reach you in no time. When you fall in love with a brand then you will love being marketed along with the brand. By monitoring customer’s behavior you can understand if they are in love with your brand.

They wait for and ask about your special deals
They open your e-mails
They request catalogues and other information
They cash in on direct mail offers
They take more than just pens
They spend time on your deals
They ask for stickers
They attend your customer appreciation events
They respond to social media questions and polls
They don’t complain much

With SBR Technologies we make your customers fall in love with your brand. We just don’t show you profit, we understand the aesthetic value of your product.