Google Preparing for 2013

Google Preparing for 2013The Amazing Google Drive

Release of Google drive was a fun news. It has been  sufficed and assimilated with instant mailing services. Now, with the help of Gmail, users can readily mail sizeable files without impediments. There is a refurbished user edge which helps you add a file just with a help of a click. Thus, you have no hassles in matters of uploading and attaching. This is an innovative way, you can share files from the restored cloud. With your permission the users can easily view and download the files.

Google Sync Services

Google has made its grand announcement of official blog which would help you do away with certain services taking place on January 2013. The operation has been given the name of winter cleaning. Thus, services not in use and out of place would no more be in practice chronologically.

End of the Calendar Features

The process of dealing with appointment slots would take place for one more year. There would be an automatic discontinuation of calendar labs, and another application known as Smart Rescheduler would be of no use. Now by making use of the URL you would not be able to add gadgets. Google has decided not to put up with the usual calendar application.

The Applicability of Google Maps for iOS

Google is pleased to cause the commencement of Google maps of iOS. You can find one in the iTunes Stores. Now you can easily explore with navigable features based on voice instructions. As part of the list you can make use of turn-by-turn voice guided triangulation and you can even have good hands on street viewing, 3D maps and more interesting stuffs.

Google is initiating major vagaries these days. It’s making on site navigation guileless and professionally evocative. So it’s time to giggle with Google and accept chances for on net furtherance.