Google’s Mobile App Turns Your Smartphone into a Universal Translator

Google Translate App

The greatest difficulty of traveling abroad is understanding the local language.  For example, you can get confuse yourself with ‘embarrassed’ and ‘embarazada’ in Mexico or get funny, weird looks from people when you have asked for ‘pain’ in Paris!  With Google’s Translate App, it’s easy transforming your smartphone into a robust translation tool.

How the App Works

Using your Android and iOS phone’s camera, the app lets you click a photo of a text and get it translated in 36 languages. Google is working hard to take this app to the next level to help you understand street signs in Paris or Italy. It can also make your job easier when ordering food from a French restaurant.

To make it work, you simply have to point your phone camera at a text r street sign. The next moment you will see the translated text overlaid on your phone screen.  As of now, translation is possible from the English language to and from German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc. Google is working to expand to other languages.

Also Enjoy a Fluid Conversation with Translate App!

Having a conversation with someone in an unknown language can get really funny! However, with the Translate App, conversations between 2 people can flow naturally and smoothly.

How It Works

  • Begin by simply tapping the mic and start speaking in a preferred language.
  • Tap the mic once again and let the other person speak. The Translate app will instantly identify the 2 languages spoken and help you have a smooth and meaningful conversation.

For the rest part of the conversation, there is no need to tap again – the app is smart enough to translate and will guide you as and when you need to speak.

So, if you are holidaying in Lisbon, asking for directions to the Eiffel Tower or having a tete-a-tete with your Italian girlfriend in her native language, the Translate App is just for you!

The updates will be rolled out in a few days time and this is the first time that conversation mode and camera translations are available for iOS users.