Google’s New Disavow Link Tool

Googles spammy backlinks removal tool disavow links
How Google’s New Disavow Tool Is Going To Change SEO?

For the last one year, Google’s rapport with online businesses has been bit complex. The company’s various Search algorithms including Google Penguin and Panda have brought fatal blow on the SEO community. Although the company claims that the development and implementation of these updates serves to smoothen the SERP for the end user, but it has been found that the countless business have been negatively impacted by the recent changes. This resulted in a lot of hurt feelings between marketing firms, online companies and Google. Well, in a bid to return a pinch of kindness to the SEO industry, the company has introduced the much awaited new toolset called ‘Google Disavow Tool’. This new resource is a major leap forward for SEO, ensuring better page ranking and removal of spam links.

How can Disavow help you out?

Google’s head of webspam team, Matt Cutts said “Google’s spammy backlinks Removal tool is expected to be one of the most useful resources in the digital marketing industry”. The Google Disavow tool disavows connections made between a company’s domain or PPC with sites that appears of no or little use. This includes websites that are considered spam by Google or having artificial or paid link databases. These once supportive paid link databases that were once used for improving page traffic and ranking soon became liabilities after Penguin update and gradually lost their purpose. Now, Google is taking every initiative to help these business out, letting them disavow links which might hurt their ranking.

The tool will utilize a new “disavow.txt” file, which work similarly to the long-standing “robots.txt” and specific pages containing links (or even entire domains) can be added to the file and subsequently eliminated as a ranking factor.