Hallelujah its Monday again: Beat your Monday blues

The clock struck at 6 AM. I woke up relishing the rich red ruddy illumination the golden sunlight. Yes, I was actually enjoying the sun’s rays crafting a Kafkaesque image at my glass window. Trust me on this, the very first thing, which popped into my mind was – “WOW, it’s yet again a MONDAY!”

To be honest, I was somewhat amazed by my own thought. Yes, when every other person is grumbling about Monday, when the whole world is groaning to let go the long, lazy weekend, here I was happy to see the week’s first working day.

Be frank –do you feel Monday blues? Do you literally hate to come out of your cozy Sunday sheet? Well, you are not alone and there are practically millions of people feel the same way you do.

Yes, it’s a concept and while there is research being conducted to show that it’s real however Monday Blues is still something that the more you think about it, heavier it becomes.

Here are few pointers to mull over if you are serious about bidding bye to your Monday Blue

Point One: Simply hop outta bed the moment your alarm clock starts beeping. Honestly, lingering in your soft comforter will simply add to your agony.

Point Two: Hit the shower room and end your shower with a jolt of cold water. Trust me; this will help in tearing off your grogginess.

Point Three: Exercise in the morning to get your blood pumping. Yes, you have guessed that right; it will also help in releasing those feel-good endorphins.

Point Four: Step out in the golden sunlight to reset your body’s internal clock. That’s right; bright light tells your body that it’s indeed morning!

Point Five: I know it’s not healthy to drink caffeine however hint of coffee can offer your Monday mornings the much needed alertness and oomph.

Well, to me Monday comes with all its mystery, magic and enigmatic charm. Yes, it’s yet again a Monday and it means that shops will re-open, the Government offices will function, may be the courier service will bring that much awaited parcel to me. Yes, it’s a Monday and life will simply move on full speed. Sure that calls for a celebration! HALLELUJAH, it’s Monday again!