Hash Tag Rules


The concept of adding a hash tag in a post has originated from Twitter and now almost all the social media sites have adapted the trend. When someone use a hash tag in the post, it identifies the keywords or the content of interest within the post which facilitates effective searches for social media content. But there are some rules while using a hash tag, if not followed then creates a lot of confusion.

Using a creative hash tag to any social media campaigns actually encourages the social promotions. Thus try to focus on few. Use one hash tag by identifying the right keyword instead of multiple catchy hash tags which might dilute the results.

Try to keep a short hash tag as most of us use # LongWordsWhichAreDifficultToRead. If you feel that one hash tag will not serve the purpose of your campaign then do not use more than three words. Do not use a space between the words and always ensure capitalization between two words in order to avoid unnecessary confusion that results in embarrassing misunderstanding. Twitter is limited to 140 characters so utilize your hash tags in a clever way.

Using Smart key words can help you a lot increase the reach. Do not use hash tags which are not relevant to your topic. In this way you are misleading and harming your social image. Make sure you have creative and relevant content for users. By using engagement topic you are helping the parties to find your content even if it’s a first time exposure to the brand.

Most importantly you should know where and when to place a hash tag in the content. Placing a hash tag within the content is fine but you simply cannot hash tag every word. To simplify your content to the reader do not use more than two hash tags in the sentence. At the end always triple check your content before posting, specially the hash tag spelling which creates a lot of confusion.